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Portraying a deep sense of reflective mournfulness, Naarm/Melbourne based artist Garagee, has created a cinematic, dub-laced soundscape with his new single Blood, featuring vocalist Steve Kilbey of the legendary Australian band, The Church, crafting a reality warping experience alongside the hallucinatory music video.

Active for 16 years, Garagee has built an impressive discography consisting of full-length EPs and Albums released through psy-trance label Tempest Recordings. His debut album ‘Gar-Adji(Y)’ (the phonetic spelling), followed by ‘Garagee II’ were both launched to sold out crowds in Melbourne, with guest appearances on PBS, The Breakfast Spread, and Radio City. Garagee’s intricate, warm production and rich sonic pallet has also gained him recognition from the likes of SBS Chill, PBS, and Triple R.

Blood marks the lead single for his upcoming third studio album, ‘Garagee 3’. Garagee’s joined on this piece by renowned and prolific singer-songwriter Steve Kilbey, who brings over 50 years of active experience in the Australian music industry, along with the wisdom of his vast body of musical work, to this introspective single.

With ethereal guitar loops, lush, atmospheric pads, and nostalgic imagery from Steve Kilbey’s vocals, the combination of Garagee’s detailed, eclectic production and Steve’s clear knack for articulating ambiguous storylines creates an intimate account of an emotional and metaphoric world. Steve Kilbey portrays this ‘world’ as his oyster among other things, reflecting on moments throughout his past. Garagee shares that: “I like to name an instrumental piece first, so I have a context to lean into with the performance. In naming this piece Blood, the headspace was always to represent a flow of reflective mournfulness that we all identify with at one time or another. I had Steve in mind when I wrote this, and the lyrics and vocal performance which he brought to the song connected with its essence in expanding ways.”

In this instance, Garagee‘s cinematic, dub-laced journey pairs with Steve Kilbey‘s inimitable knack for ambiguous storytelling, presenting an existential reflection and lamentation on a physical, emotional, and metaphoric world and our place in it.

Creating a chilled, alt-pop soundscape, perfectly meshing with Kilbey’s vocal timbre and storytelling, Blood is out now.

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