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Swiftly returning after the release of May’s heart-wrenching single, Letterbox, Newcastle songwriter, Grace Aberhart today reveals Early – another taste of her debut EP, ‘What I Could Tell You’, which is due for release August 17.

With Early, Grace takes listeners on a lyrical journey through a chaotic period of confusion and self-discovery, navigating a rollercoaster of new emotions and emerging as a more resolute and compassionate person on the other side.

“Early leans into forgiveness and knowing your own limits when dealing with feeling hurt by somebody. It’s about forgiving someone after being hurt and understanding where you draw a line on what you can forgive.” Grace explains. “I left work after about an hour of my shift because I was too sad, drove around aimlessly, ended up just sitting on a sand hill in the sun on some beach for ages and just felt really strange.”

Teaming up with producer Healey Olsen, Early embodies a captivating blend of  grunge and pop sensibilities, with Grace’s harmonies soaring above swathes of anthemic guitars and channelling some of her biggest influences in The Veronicas and The Story So Far.

With a composed deposition, Grace manoeuvres Early through multiple scenarios, using the pulsating instrumentation to perfectly capture the internal struggle of seeking resolution and in turn creating a series of truly memorable moments within the song.

“Everyone knows what they can handle and deal with and it’s important to stand your ground when things do cross that line, however this song is a bit more positive to say that sometimes, despite challenges, things can work out if you sort them out properly and know your self-worth in the process.” Grace says.

With an increasing sense of assurance across each new release, both Early and Grace‘s upcoming debut EP embody her courageous attempt at unloading a weight of emotions in the hopes that others will relate to it. Blending elements of indie-punk with harmonious, pop-driven vocals, Grace’s newfound confidence in her art has begun to pave the way for an exciting year of releases and live shows, building on her increasingly captivating style of songwriting and performing.


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