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Eora/Sydney-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Jordy Burns has just unveiled her glowing debut EP, ‘Games’ – produced by Luke Clark, mixed by Gambino and Trent Dobson.

‘Games’ is a delicate fusion of vulnerability and potency, intertwined by Jordy Burns‘ vocals and dreamlike cello. With ethereal melodies and stirring harmonies, every note lifts with authenticity and emotion, inviting listeners into a realm where her heart echoes in a sonic embrace.

Jordy Burns talks about the inspiration behind ‘Games’: “‘Games’ is a collection of songs written during very vulnerable times in my life. I think that no matter how pure someone’s intentions are, our baggage and trauma come with us and often hurt the people closest to us. When these relationships start to drag out, it starts to feel like a game, where one or both of you know they’re hurting the other, but the back and forth continues, ultimately to everyone’s ruin. I’ve really learnt some lessons throughout all this, but still get caught up in the game of love.”

Wall unfolds with a captivating interplay of strings and piano, while Burns‘ velvety vocals guide introspective tales, lifted by the resonating cello. Similarly, For Forever sways with a mesmerizing rhythm as the instrumentation flow in harmony.

Focus track Hear Me follows with impassioned vocals and lush orchestration, building to an emotional crescendo.  The sweeping strings and haunting melodies paint a cinematic backdrop, leading seamlessly into Keeping Score, which continues the journey of hope and perseverance.

Second Chances concludes with vocals soaring through a celestial atmosphere, embodying redemption and resilience. With its driving arrangement and emotive lyricism, it shares possibility and optimism amid the past.

Previous singles off the EP have been widely embraced by Apple Musictriple j Unearthed and Australian community radio stations such as SYN Media4ZZZ and UCFM. In the online space, her track has been supported by Pilerats, Australian Music Scene, Eat This Music, Something You Said and AAA Backstage.


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