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Ferntree Gully’s most hated Hardcore band, La Famiglia, return with the follow up their raucous debut single. Anger Mismanagement is another 2 minutes of fiery 80s-inspired Hardcore Punk that draws inspiration from bands such as Dag Nasty, FEAR, Gorilla Biscuits and OFF!

Fronted by Melbourne’s busiest man in Punk, Luke Seymoup, La Famiglia is a complete divergence from the singer’s usual brand of Indie Punk and Power Pop. Unlocking an entirely new element to his voice, the singer becomes a combination of Glenn Danzig and Anthony Civarelli with a decidedly Australian twist. Anger Mismanagement delivers walls of scuzzed-out guitars and distorted bass over a hurricane of pounding Punk energy.

“Anger Mismanagement is an exploration of how none of us are handling things well. Punk Rock bands love to say how angry they are, but over time they’ve started to play fast and loose with the details,” Seymoup explains. “I’ve seen plenty of local bands express just how mad they are and how the world is out to get them… but, without a purpose, what exactly is the end goal? This song satirizes that attitude. It is literally about just being angry for the sake of being angry, without offering any sort of solution.”

Anger Mismanagement is the second single from La Famiglia’s upcoming debut album. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Seymoup

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