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From deep in the enchanted forests of Meanjin and Yugambeh, LAVELIN has emerged, bringing with her an aura of mesmerism that takes the form of her debut EP, ‘Forget About Us’, out now.

Waves of drama and gloom wrapped up in a pretty pink bow, LAVELIN’s ‘Forget About Us’ is an intoxicating dose of dreamy indie pop in 4 tracks. With her signature brew of soft synth glow and indie shadow, ‘Forget About Us’ travels through the encapsulating terrain of navigating the escape from a suppressing relationship and life after it.

The first track, Blind, is her debut single and a gorgeous daze drenched in pure emotion. A ballad of a manic pixie dream girl, this song’s airy, ghostly vocals pair with addictive, grungy synth and the steady flowing drumbeat. The lyrics explore what it’s like to be seen as perfect, but not as human.

Addicted follows suite and flips the narrative, with a feminine, coquette allure, almost from the flipside of the first song. This song explores infatuation, and what it’s like to be in love with being loved.

Forget About Us, the album’s title track, follows what it’s like to finally call a relationship off, with a low and seductive bassline, determined lyrics, and retro drum machine beats. The sad tones of the song evaporate when the chorus hits, replacing it with a head-bopping confident beat.

The last track, Shed, is the end marker of the album and the relationship it follows, stepping away and becoming a new person. The army march drumbeat makes way for dark synth, mantra lyrics and a powerful beat.

LAVELIN’s enchanted EP ‘Forget About Us’ is out now and leave a path of nightshade blossoms in its wake.


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