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Hailing from the Gold Coast, 18 year old Lily Jade debuts her first single Back 2 You a soulful
pop track with angelic vocals, accompanied by the sound of a warm guitar.

“Back 2 You was written when I was going through a rough period last year and always had music as my coping mechanism to keep moving forward” – Lily Jade

Finding her passion for music came when a young Lily was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic. Her
creative outlet during this time was singing, and Lily Jade soon began performing and
songwriting at events such as the Ekka, Movie World’s Christmas events and youth groups
such as MMAD with a goal of raising awareness to the public about Type 1 Diabetes through
songwriting about her experiences so far.

Not only is Lily Jade unleashing her musical talents, she is also on her way to study to be a
diabetic educator and share her story to her patients, inspiring them to focus on their goals and
dreams while working hard and being their authentic self.

During her two years studying at Brisbane’s Music Industry College, Lily Jade had the
opportunity to be mentored by acclaimed Brisbane singer/songwriter Asha Jeffereies during
the College’s 2021 songwriters camp at Sarabah, QLD. During this time, Asha coached Lily Jade
in the ways of songwriting and finding herself in music during the process of writing Back 2
. Produced by Tom Eggert (HANNI, Sloan Peterson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Yoste, Cub
Sport, Benji Lewis, and more), the track has a few genre influences, with tastes of soul, R&B
and pop.

This is only the beginning for Lily Jade as she has a set list full of songs ready to be recorded
and played live, with a recorded song already underway for another release.

Back 2 You IS OUT NOW

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