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Words by James Lavel

Photography by Paul Blackburn @wysiwyg.pix

Friday night saw Cog light up The Princess Theatre celebrating the long awaited vinyl release of their albums ‘The New Normal’ & ‘Sharing Space’. Joining their sold out show were Brisbane locals Kodiak Empire and WA’s Yomi Ship. 

There is a distinct aura of togetherness and positivity at a Cog gig that make them intoxicating to attend. Tonight was no exception. Brisbane turned up in droves to celebrate, and the excitement was palpable.  

Kicking the night off is local progressive rock band Kodiak Empire. The start of the show felt a little scrambled and disorganised if I’m honest. The lads didn’t have a working mic when they started and the house music was still playing though the PA. Props to the lads for powering through like professionals. These issues didn’t last long as they moved through their set. Every member of this band was oozing skill, great vocal control, slick bass work, great atmosphere from the keys and guitar and manic drumming. These lads have been making waves in the prog scene of late, with a debut album under their belt and a host of great supports. If you are a fan of Leprous or Haken these are a group to check out. 

The Second band for the evening was Western Australia’s 3 piece instrumental band Yomi Ship. Jarred Osborne (Guitar), Nick Osborne (Drums) and Jade Champion (Bass) start their set off with a lesson in creating atmosphere that had the crowd bewitched from the first note. Their on stage chemistry was magnetic. Complex changes in their songs seemed effortless as each member locked in perfectly with one another without the use of an in ear system. They played their latest single Watch Out For The Water inviting punters deeper into the rabbit hole. These guys gave me Mars Volta vibes at times with Nick’s skilful drumming from behind his bandanna covered face. Yomi Ship continued to keep the crowd enthralled for the next few songs of their set before bringing it to a close with Pantathians.

The room now wall to wall with bodies, the lights dimmed. Midnight Oil’s Short Memory played over the PA. The music fades into the start of Real Life as Flynn, Luke and Lucius take the stage. Luke always draws my eye at Cog’s gigs. He is always full of energy, like a child on Christmas waiting to open his presents. They move into Are You Interested? The crowd singing every word, Flynn leaving the chorus’ for the room to sing. Third they played Anarchy OK adding a tasty extended outro. Flynn addressed the room expressing his gratitude for the overwhelming support over the years. Next up they play Swamp and Sharing Space followed by What if? Flynn’s use of effects is as impressive as ever, effortlessly pulling guitar tone after guitar tone from his bag of tricks. The equally impressive Lucius once again put on a masterclass of drumming behind his monstrous kit. In the spirt of Cog, friends and strangers, were all sharing chorus’, hugging and laughing in the theatre around me. 

It wouldn’t be a Cog show with out Flynn addressing topical political issues, he spoke of the current climate surrounding Julian Assange whose face was printed on Lucius’ kick drum. They play The Spine and tracks The Town Of Lincoln & Run winding the crowd up further before Luke played the familiar bass intro to My Enemy. Another sing along ensued with Bird of Feather before they closed the night out. The room was filled with punters after the lights had come on screaming for more. We did not see an encore, but Cog delivered another fantastic show in Brisbane. Cog will continue their vinyl tour over the next few nights so if they are in your town make sure you don’t miss one of Australia’s best live acts. In Cog we trust.  


Thanks to The Soundcheck

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