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After drip-feeding a cracking set of singles through 2023 and 2024 (Danger Danger, Electrocutie and Old Soft Shoe), Melbourne’s own faithful purveyors of 70’s-inspired folk and alt-rock Malibu Spacey are finally dropping their debut full-length, and boy have they delivered. 43 minutes of meticulously crafted music; melodic and stylish, yet brimming with power, authenticity and humour. Evoking memories of Laurel Canyon, Big Star, The Byrds, and combining it with the slick glam and alt-folk of contemporary acts such as The Lemon Twigs and Angel Olsen, the band showcase a songwriting ability that is mature beyond their years. It’s folk funnelled through a rock filter, or is that rock funnelled through a folk filter?

“Musically, I’m always inspired to write songs that don’t feel obvious. Harmonically, I tend to like songs that take you to a place that just feels a little unusual, rather than predictable. I really like chord progressions that are out of the ordinary, songs that subtly change key, songs that are modal – but all still within a fairly typical pop song form that’s recognisable and approachable.” – Evan Jones, Malibu Spacey

Originally formed in 2017, the band has undergone some minor line-up changes but have been with the current members since late 2023. It’s a labour of love, a group project in the truest sense of the term. With a vast array of influences brought to the table from each member, what comes out the other end is something quite different than the sums of its parts. From 60s and 70s pop and folk, to psych, prog, alternative and garage, a happy cluster forms somewhere in the middle.

The album itself is far-reaching in its content and includes songs about a washed up 80s pop star, growing up feeling scared all the time, death and reincarnation, the cult of masculinity that men have to contend with, getting murdered at the drive-in and being told to pick a career, all told with vocalist Evan Jones’ signature introspection and humour. In a typical DIY approach, the album was recorded at various houses around Victoria, including multiple sessions at a beach house in Rye (Mornington Peninsula). It was recorded and mixed by guitarist Zoran Lasich, with mastering by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering.

“The album captures a bunch of different episodes in our lives. It’s kind of like a record in the literal sense for ourselves, but also to show people how we’re evolving.”  – Evan Jones, Malibu Spacey

Since their inception, Malibu Spacey have received ongoing support from media, both written and radio, with write-ups from Happy Mag, Beat and Trouble Juice, and continuing airplay from the likes of RRR, PBS, RTR FM and 2XX.

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