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Melbourne punk powerhouse Judo CHOP! have just dropped their epic new single, Conquer and it’s an absolute riot with a purpose.

Conquer will have your punk rock tendencies in a headlock and gasping for air, as it delivers precision three-part harmonised guitar riffs, gang vocals a screaming solo and huge drums at a blistering speed!

With its epic production, the track strikes a perfect balance between the instantly recognizable punk essence and a fresh contemporary vibe. But beyond the high-octane sound lies a profound message that resonates with the age-old tale of “us vs. them and them vs. us.” The song confronts the pervasive ‘Divide & Conquer’ tactics that constantly try to divide and manipulate us.

In their own words, the band explainsThere’s a real mob mentality these days, especially online and when it comes for you (and it will), just remember there’s always other doors to open. While most people generally want to be left to live their lives, we’re constantly made to choose sides and debate each other on mostly pointless topics. 

Judo CHOP! believes in the inherent goodness of most people and the desire for mutual respect and understanding. Their message is clear and empowering: amidst the noise and chaos, simply talk to each other, face to face. Everyone possesses a unique story, and chances are, you share more in common with your supposed “enemies” than you’d ever imagine.

So, embrace the positive energy and keep an eye on those who manipulate from the shadows. Conquer urges you to connect, listen, and build bridges instead of walls. Let’s break free from the divisive narrative and embrace the power of human connection. “Everyone has a story to tell and you probably have more in common with the neighbours you’re being told to hate than you think.”

With Conquer, Judo CHOP! deliver not only a new punk anthem but also a wake-up call to unite, understand, and respect one another.

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