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Australian singer-songwriter Mvlholland returns with her third release for 2022, the punchy and pointed 6ft Baby, via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

In her first release of the year, Foreign Obstacles, Mvlholland sang of falling in love at that terrifying, yet exciting time. In a 180 moment, 6ft Baby is the therapeutic break-up song which made Mvlholland realise she doesn’t make mistakes, she dates them.

“6ft Baby is a song that was extremely therapeutic to write,” Mvlholland reflects. “I had just gone through a really awful breakup and was heartbroken. I think when you go through something so emotional you really do go through the different stages of grief and this captured the beginning of it so perfectly. I was on Zoom with my co-writer, Lachlan Bostock (Mansionair) and received an email from my ex. It was basically an explanation of why he broke up with me and all the things I did wrong throughout the relationship and I remember thinking ‘what a baby, he couldn’t say this so me in person?’ So I did what any other artist would do, I wrote a really straight forward, angry song and it felt amazing.”

The track is accompanied by a Y2K-esque visual which takes you on the journey of the multiple stages of grief at the end of a relationship.

Mvlholland says “The video behind it was a collaboration with Danny Draxx (Becca Hatch, Genesis Owusu, MAY-A). We both came to the table with similar ideas for visuals and the story line. It captures the different emotions you go through when you’re grieving a relationship. There’s defeat, sadness, anger and freedom. It was shot in Mude Studios – a motel just outside of Sydney – and on a train. Danny is so amazing and really helped bring the song to life. I had such an amazing team around me and am so grateful.”

6ft Baby IS OUT NOW

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