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Byron Bay artist Ole Falcor has released his latest soul-deep offering with Far From Perfect.

A track that feels custom-built for deeper listening on a road trip, Far From Perfect Weather sees a dreamy mix of hazy, echoing acoustic guitar plucks, whispering angels, a mysterious phone call with Morpheus-like wisdom. The track is driven by a building beat, before it erupts into a rapturous chorus, priming itself as an instant classic.

Far From Perfect Weather captures the sensation of feeling lost in life, something we all experience from time to time. Falcor opens up to share his experience in an unmasked vulnerability, creating a safe space for the audience to feel a similar catharsis. On one hand it holds the tumultuousness we often feel in life, and on the other hand it holds the uplifting solution.

Ole recently spoke about the song. “When the lyrics for this song came to me, I was out the other side of the storm in my car on the way to take some time out for myself. I was heading to a special place that few others know of: A bush track through blue-gum trees that opens up to a stunning river view. This is a place where I can find true peace away from life’s storms.”

An indisputably catchy track that features the sort of anthemic production of melodic masters such as Coldplay and even early U2, but with the modern cinematic sensibilities of Ben Howard and James Blake, Far From Perfect Weather is an example of just how well Ole Falcor (nicknamed after the Never Ending Story luck dragon) is able to effortlessly capture pure emotion.

The single was recorded and produced entirely off-grid using solar energy by Byron Bay artist/producer Nathan Kaye at Solar Sound Foundry Studio. “I’m proud to say that we recorded this at an eco-friendly, solar-powered production studio deep in the rainforest’s of the Byron hills with a vibe really similar to the secret special place in the song.”

If this is Falcor’s first glimpse from his forthcoming EP titled, ‘Daughter of the Phoenix’, then we are likely to see this guy’s music played everywhere in the coming months. It’ll have you spinning the tune on repeat heading to the beach on a warm winter’s day whilst singing at the top of your lungs.

Far From Perfect Weather is out now.
Listen HERE.

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