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Meanjin’s indie/ alt-rock artist SAMMM., has always been characterised as an artist who explores eccentric, existential themes with a raw, angsty outlook. Forthright and carefree, SAMMM. and his band burst with their jagged indie-rock in a raucous take on the work-life balance and the “appearance” of being an adult with Whatever You Like and its accompanying music video, out now!

Digging deeper into his twenties now, SAMMM.’s Samuel Geddes has no doubt ticked off some milestones, and his artistic direction has made him a unique and crucial part of Meanjin’s music community. Despite that though, the everyday monotony of life has left Geddes unable to shake the feeling of being “a boy in a man’s world” and needing to prove himself.

“I wrote ‘Whatever You Like’ to put together all my feelings about being inadequate as an adult and to then throw those feelings away. I think everyone knows how it feels to be pretending you know what you’re doing – or feel like you’re one of those “late 20s teenagers,” Geddes states. “There’s a point in your twenties when you realise everyone is pretending to be adults and not many people have it all figured out.”

While others are zigging, SAM. is zagging and Whatever You Like has Geddes and his band exuding that free-spirited and wild energy in this upbeat indie rock number. Sharp, crisp guitars are excitedly picked away, backed by shimmering synths and jittery drums as Geddes’s distinct vocal idiosyncrasies are wrapped up in his lyrical metaphor. Skittish and jumpy like an Adderall-induced nervous system, Whatever You Like is packed with constricting anxious tension that’s then polarized by the liberating feeling of being completely carefree.

Letting go of feeling the need to uphold the perfect image of a perfect life was the catalyst for the accompanying music video, directed by Phoebe FayeFaye states:

“In the early idea-stage Sam talked a lot about how ‘Whatever You Like’ was about breaking patterns and escaping a monotonous life – it made me think a lot about the images of Japanese Salarymen asleep on trains and sidewalks in their suits.”

Naturally, this partially satirical clip follows Geddes and the band loosening their ties and unwinding after working their desk jobs. Suited up, the four let go and move from whiskey bar to Night Owl to park bleachers and finally to the karaoke bar.

What SAMMM. captures here is no doubt a universal feeling for most as we try to navigate life – trying to make the right adult decisions because it is what society says, but what’s the point of any of that if you aren’t having fun and doing the things you enjoy?


Fri May 30 – The Brightside 10 Years Birthday, Brisbane| Headliner/s: Ruby Fields, Adam Newling, The Creases, and more (SAMMM. playing Friday night) | Tickets



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