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Brisbane/Meanjin-based powerhouse SPACE&AGES have unleashed a love-drunk indie-rock anthem, Trial & Error (Friday, October 13). Bursting with energy and euphoria, this track encapsulates the ups and downs of relationships, delivering a youthful cheer that’s impossible to ignore.

Since their debut with High For Free in June, a track that swiftly amassed 5000 streams, SPACE&AGES has been a buzzing presence in Brisbane’s music scene. They’ve been keeping busy, gracing stages across the city with their electric performances.

Trial & Error produced by Brisbane’s Brock Weston (BUGS), sees SPACE&AGES at their best, infusing their bursting indie-rock energy with pop-punk guitar riffs, elated choruses, and an intimate bridge that’s felt right in the chest. Lead singer Phin Spence’s expressive vocals lay bare the raw feelings embedded in the verses, weaving spoken and smoothly sung phrases seamlessly, with a touch of that Aussie accent to top it off. The track crescendos with a stunning falsetto delivery from Phin Spence, a ripping guitar solo, and a group chanted outro, leaving an unforgettable impression.

At its core, Trial & Error dives into the intricate dance of romantic entanglements, exploring vulnerability and the pursuit of self-worth. The song’s theme mirrors the human condition, reflecting the ups and downs when finding love.

In the words of Phin Spence“Trial & Error explores the uncertain journey of finding love and the challenges that come with self-discovery. It’s about embracing the imperfections and growth that accompanies the process, even when it’s messy and uncertain.”

Join SPACE&AGES as they launch Trial & Error on November 25th at Brisbane’s Greaser Bar, celebrating a song that encapsulates the trials, tribulations, and ultimate triumphs of love.


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