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The Tugs return with their third single from their forthcoming album with the track Lost in Translation.

Lost In Translation was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s wonderful film of the same name which tells the story of those chance meetings and unexpected connections that sometimes occur when you are out of your comfort zone. This time spent with others outside of your usual life can have a profound effect; be a life-affirming experience and be as important as our long-term friendships. The song also touches on feelings of isolation and loneliness that can occasionally be a part of modern life. When we are open to others and new experiences, we can embrace these special moments when they come along.

Working with producer Jason Millhouse at Recordworks Studio in Brisbane, the track was recorded live in the studio with the bass and guitar tracks overdubbed, and Davey adding his vocals at the end. The song opens with a Dave Tug power chord followed by some cool riffing over the fast-paced drums and driving bass line. This track sees a move in direction to
create a different sound from previous releases and a promise of exciting things to come for the band as they work on their first album.

“I am hoping that we will surprise everyone with this new song, there’s definitely a progression from our earlier work and we are exploring more serious themes”. Paulie Tug


Square Tugs started as a side project in mid-2020 playing the iconic ‘Group Sex’ album by 80’s hardcore punk pioneers Circle Jerks along with other Circle Jerks favourites and covers from The Ramones, Black Flag, Pennywise, Bad Religion and 7 Seconds. They are all about bringing people together and encouraging fun nights out for the love of punk rock.

The band are dedicated music fans and have been great friends after being part of the Brisbane punk scene since the 80’s. They formed after Davey’s mission to get Paulie back on stage after a 22 year break was finally successful. He and Randy hatched a plan and convinced Paulie a Circle Jerks cover band was a great idea.

The trio quickly gained a reputation as a fun live band with a solid following playing regularly in and around Brisbane. The band is currently in the studio working on their Debut Album, due for release later in the year.

The Square Tugs are Davey Boy Tug on guitar and vocals (Bad Ronald, Ringpull, Strange Stains, Roughriders), Randy Tug on drums (General Waste), and Paulie Tug on bass and vocals (Crucified Truth, The Warthogs).

Lost In Translation IS OUT NOW

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