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Bringing together ChAMBER LANe‘s 90s influences across pop, rock and punk is the latest addition to their catalogue: 4PM. The song tackles relationships that you’ve outlived, the kind that used to be special but never evolved and now are simply toxic; A waste of time. 4PM is the definitive time of day that Connor (frontman) decided to move on, and with the release of this new song is urging others to join, to invest in better relationships/friendships and not waste your time with people wasting yours.

ChAMBER LANe formed in 2020 with a debut single Calling A Break, released while they were finishing high school. In 2021, they took on the real world and released the debut EP ‘So Long, Partner’ and started working on their live show playing every pub, venue, and festival that will take them. In 2022, the focus was on a live show that captured the band’s humour and personality whilst giving the audience good music, and a better alternative to the DJ with the dumb name playing the songs you’ve already heard. 4PM is the response from the live audience, with constant queries like “Where can I find the song that goes ‘HEY! HEY!’?” it was obvious which song these boys wanted to record. The song ticks all the boxes, sing-along, audience involvement and a message to share. It’s a new direction, but that’s what it’s been all about, finding a direction and audience that will connect with, and for the band to find a place in the music scene and ultimately in your playlists and into your ear-holes! 

“For every moment that you waste of mine, accounts for the time you’ll be spending on your own.”

4PM tells a story about growth, learning to let go, and move forward, cutting off parts of your life that are no longer needed. Realising your support system, your close friends are fake; sucks. ChAMBER LANe is making a statement; it’s time to move on and find the people who truly value you and that you reciprocate that too.

Musically the song is all about the drive, pushing through and finding new ground. The descending melodic lines in the chorus display the inflections in a person’s voice when they argue as well as reflecting the strong statement that the chorus is making: “I’ll see you at 4PM, and then you’ll never see me again”.

The chromatic chord movements in the bridges show the real breakdown it can be to realise old friends are no longer good ones. Finally, the half time ending solidifies the mix of emotions but still holds strong to the feeling that ‘you’ll never see me again’.

4PM was recorded locally thanks to Glasshouse Studios. Accompanying the release is a music video made by the band themselves. ChAMBER LANe are committed to music videos that give the audience more about them and show off their personality and good times. They love being in a band together and want to share that with their audience.

4PM is out now – STREAM HERE

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