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Photo by Dom Gould

Meanjin-based electro-pop artist Trace Decay is today returning with his second release of the year, bringing forth his darkly seductive new single Radicalize feat. Lucille Two – out now.

Following the release of bone-sinking single Paradigm, Trace Decay is delivering reverberating retro-pop rumination in Radicalize, which explores the internal dialogue in frontman Jordan Depas’ mind.

“‘??Radicalize’ is about the crippling self doubt and existential fear that sets in when trying to uphold how people perceive you as both an artist and human being,” Jordan explains.

“I’ve had to take a step back at times from being active in both my personal and creative life as I could feel my mental health totally disintegrating under the pressure of keeping the algorithms happy. It’s crazy how quickly one’s thoughts radicalize into this extreme and impossible task of being something to everyone, which leaves very little space to be who you want to be.”


With deep, dreamy synth elements and decadent bass guitar grooves, Radicalize features guest vocals from Trudy Bennett of NSW indie-pop outfit Lucille Two, her angelic voice representing the internal back and forth underpinning the feeling of acceptance and hopelessness.

“I loved this track from the moment I heard the demo and am so happy to have contributed to the final product,” says Lucille Two. “I think my voice complements Jordan’s really well and together have created a real mood on this track.”

Recorded and mixed by Edvard Hakansson (KLLO, City Calm Down, IV League, Velvet Bloom, Jack Grace) and mastered by Simon Lam (KLLO, armlock), ‘Radicalize ft. Lucille Two’ is yet another instance of Trace Decay expanding their sound and embracing more mature sonic experiences that aim to push boundaries and inspire independent thinking.

Let Trace Decay take you on a radical journey through your innermost thoughts with his brand new single Radicalize ft. Lucille Two – out now.


Thanks to Habit Music Co.

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