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Known for his distinctive brand of melancholic electro-pop that deftly weaves dark indie soundscapes with simmering shoegaze textures, Meanjin-based artist Trace Decay is today unveiling his bone-sinking new single Paradigm – out now.

Returning with his first release since debut EP ‘Monstrous Subconscious’, Trace Decay has spent the past couple of years mastering his artistry and evolving his sound, embracing a darker and more mature sonic experience that continues to push boundaries and inspire introspection.

A love letter to going on a much needed bender, Paradigm was born from the experience of going out and blowing off steam after a period of severe isolation during Melbourne lockdowns, using decadent guitar layers, haunting synth elements and somber yet commanding vocals to capture the bittersweet essence of throwing caution to the wind.

“It’s my own self constructed paradigm which in its existence offers a form of peace and acceptance,” explains Trace Decay mastermind Jordan Depas;“It’s so easy to let yourself become overwhelmed with everything, especially these days with all of the distractions which surround us. Sometimes you just have to try to avoid the sunrise for as long as possible.”

Recorded and mixed by Edvard Hakansson (KLLO, City Calm Down, IV League, Velvet Bloom, Jack Grace) and mastered by Simon Lam (KLLO, armlock), Paradigm sees Trace Decay embracing his darker sonic tendencies and vocal vulnerability, inspired by artists akin to The Cure, Nation of Language and Johnny Hunter.

“This was one of the easiest songs to record in my experience,” Jordan says. “Everything fell into place and sounded how it was supposed to. I usually get tense and worried when it comes time to record vocals but it was the opposite experience with Paradigm, allowing me to really let my guard down and convey my experience with an emotional potency.”

Returning in style with their unique flavour of melancholy freak pop that aims to delve deeply into the darker corners of the human psyche, Trace Decay are setting the stage for what is primed to be a huge year for the outfit, with new single Paradigm leading the charge – out now.


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