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AKA Lui announces the release of his bombastic music video for Midnight Ultimatum, the focal track from his debut EP ‘Sapphire Blue’, which has been making a splash since its release on June 21st. The video offers an eccentric visual experience that complements the EP’s rich storytelling and sonic sophistication.

Midnight Ultimatum delves into the complexities of a seemingly casual relationship fraught with unspoken desires and insincerity. AKA Lui captures a poignant moment of realization and acceptance, acknowledging the need to move on, even when it feels hard to let go.

Video credit: Alex Wardrop (@alpbaden)

The music video for Midnight Ultimatum brings this narrative to life by revealing the clown from AKA Lui’s previous video for Fool. This time, the clown lets loose, removing his mask and setting himself free. The video captures moments of light-hearted fun, symbolizing liberation and self-acceptance. This transformation not only marks the end of a chapter but also the joyous embrace of a new beginning, perfectly aligning with the themes of resilience and renewal present throughout the EP.

In addition to the new music video, AKA Lui is thrilled to announce his inclusion in the BIGSOUND 2024 lineup. Again, signifying AKA Lui is one to watch in 2024, showcasing his dynamic live performances and unique musical style to a broader audience.

‘Sapphire Blue’ has already garnered critical acclaim for its blend of pop sensibilities, heavy psychedelic jams, and intricate arrangements. The EP captures the essence of transience, the merciless beauty of nature, and the universal yearning for connection and love. Tracks like Kick It, Lighthouse, and Fool have been accompanied by immersive visuals, each depicting compelling characters and narratives that culminate in the transformative Midnight Ultimatum, the closing chapter of ‘Sapphire Blue’

Upcoming Live Dates:

Thursday, 08 August – The Australian Hotel, Ballina, NSW

Thursday, 29 August – The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW

BIGSOUND 2024 – Dates TBC

Image credit: Victoria Kozbanis

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