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Capturing an addictive alliance of melodic, alternative and emotionally heavy music is Brisbane’s fast rising alt-metal rock band KRAVE.

KRAVE return with sophomore single and video for Charade that explores the complex relationship of pretending to be okay whilst slowly turning dead inside as social masking reigns toxic.

“Whilst conveying a story of rock bottom, Charade offers a glimpse into the consequences of trying to be a perfect person within every facet of life. This sad story is about someone who feels so afraid to show their true state of being to other people in fear of being criticised, rejected and unloved. This character tortures themselves day in and day out by hiding their ocean of pain from others in an attempt to play a lovable character everyone could accept.” Says Siana Davis [Writer, Lead Singer + Bassist]. “I reflect on the mountain of mental torture not openly discussed as a person experiencing neurodifference and mental health adversities. The unmanageability can leak into every aspect of life so immensely that the awful projection of considered death rattled me. By grace, an unconditional person gave me some incredible advice and comfort in reconsidering life – “take a breath before you choose to die”.

The video for Charade has dark, moody and visually metaphoric themes of melancholia that carries the song message through to the viewer. Starting off with a juxtaposition of fake happiness and dissociation, this music video leads the viewer into its enticing unease that leaves them on the edge of their seat.

Having played main support for American thrash-rock Suicidal Tendencies and Swedish heavy-hitters AVATAR, KRAVE have proven themselves as a worthy newcomer. Prepared for a huge 2024 of new music releases, as KRAVE are elevate their sound to a whole new level.

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