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Astro Elevator, the audacious four-piece band hailing from Melbourne, is set to unleash a sonic storm with the release of their new single, Kaleidoscopic Trance, on January 24, 2024. This seismic track serves as a tantalizing preview of their highly anticipated second album, ‘Cosmo Vortexia’.

Formed in mid-2019, Astro Elevator draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of musical influences, ranging from 60s garage psychedelia to 90s and 00s progressive rock. Following the success of their debut LP, ‘Lysergic Liquid Maze of the Psychotropic Triptonauts,’ the band experienced a surge in popularity, marked by sold-out hometown shows and their inaugural interstate tour in 2022.

Kaleidoscopic Trance, a two-and-a-half-minute musical journey, promises to be a mind-altering experience. The track showcases Astro Elevator‘s evolution, building upon the foundation laid by their debut with complex song structures and a more progressive approach to songwriting. The band’s unique blend of driving energy, spaced-out jams, and dueling guitars is on full display in this latest release.

Kaleidoscopic Trance plunges listeners into a swirling maelstrom, a sonic journey spiraling ever upward. The band masterfully balances the forces of control and chaos, with a beastly rhythm section propelling burning comet-tail guitars through an ascending progression of increasing pressure. The track reaches its climax with thumps and wails reminiscent of titanic battles, before a pulsing width clears the air, leaving listeners in a stupefied state.

All songs are written and performed by Astro Elevator. The single was recorded and mixed by Rohan Sforcina at Head Gap Studio (Preston) and mastered by Lachlan Carrick. Dr Cheeto Feather Pants contributed additional recording and played organs, while Inktally handled the artwork design and Tony Roberts captured the band’s essence through photography.

Kaleidoscopic Trance emerged organically during one intense sitting, embodying The Mars Volta influence with its chaotic drums and driving guitars. It’s two minutes of pure energy and fury—a personal favorite for the band to perform.


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