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Award winning Gold Coast songstress DENNIS. returns with indie pop track Sober. Like waking up to a raging hangover wasn’t enough, Sober deals with the anxiety of last night’s short blur, the regret and the questions of self identity.

Spending the end of 2022 writing and exploring her own demos, Sober gives listeners a bite of what’s ahead for DENNIS. with punchy chords and a driving chorus, DENNIS. still keeps undertones of her crisp electronica pop and self reflective lyricism.

Working with long time collaborators Blake Malone, Matt McGuffie and Lachlan McGuffie, DENNIS. (Olivia Dennis) is a pop force to be reckoned with, accomplishing a polished sound.

Channeling themes of anxiety, DENNIS. explains; “ Sober is about how I like myself more when I’m sober but my friends like me more when I drink. I guess it’s a drinking anxiety theme, with a focus on being too much inside your own head to the point that you almost create a reality that isn’t true. What if I was Sober would you love me like I do? We’ve all been there before, had one too many and maybe said too much or did something we shouldn’t have.”

Emerging onto the scene during her studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, DENNIS. has flourished since. Receiving praise from industry and fans alike, with love from triple j, DENNIS. has accumulated over 7 million streams. She was a finalist in the 2016 Queensland Music Awards, followed by a Nashville scholarship in 2017, working alongside Trey Bruce (Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood) and most recently, awarded the 2020 Gold Coast Music Awards Gold Coast Music Prize.      

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