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Photo by Phoebe Faye

Known for their irresistible enthusiasm and unapologetic delivery, Brisbane / Meanjin-based indie-rock outfit Dusty are today unleashing their latest endearing anthem Shitty Guitar.

Recently supporting Pacific Avenue during their national tour alongside The RionsDusty are bringing their distinctive fun-loving energy and deliciously relatable lyrics to their newest single, holding nothing back with a glorious F U anthem that glows with playful riffs and undeniable confidence.

“I had a very entitled friend and they would always complain about their life, even though they had so much they should be grateful for,” explains lead vocalist Annie Newcombe. “I was really annoyed when I wrote the first verse and chorus, brought it to the band and we finished it together.”

Recorded at Brock’s Place with Brock Weston and mastered by Matthew GrayShitty Guitar is the indie-rock groover that we all need to remind ourselves to drop the dead weight in our lives, instead surrounding ourselves with genuine people and bonzer music that encourages feet-moving, lyric-yelling good times.

“I think everyone can relate to this song,” says drummer Willow Giles“There are always gonna be those toxic people in the world, and the best way to deal with them is to cut them off and write a hit song!”

Capturing Dusty’s infectious energy and sense of fun, Shitty Guitar has been released with a wholesome visual accompaniment compiled of handy cam footage of the band doing their thing .

“The music video was filmed on a handy cam while we were on tour, during photoshoots and playing a house party,” Annie explains. “I feel like the video really encapsulates Dusty’s energy as a band and the energy of our team as a whole. The music video was filmed and edited by Monique Mobbs, a Gold Coast photographer and videographer.”

Drawing inspiration from artists like Beabadoobee and Carla Geneve, as well as social issues, relationships and people with shitty guitars, Dusty wrap their newest track in raucous guitar-led melodies and rallying vocal harmonies, with a building bridge featuring a recorded phone call between band members.

Recently announced on the line-up for Spaced Out Festival in October, Dusty continues to capture hearts with their addictive indie-rock flavour that effortlessly combines relatable content, captivating performances, smashing style and a band dynamic that is as wholesome as it is electrifying.


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