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Currently touring Australia with Cry Club for their ‘Spite Will Save Me’ tour, Naarm jangle rock artist Eaglemont is today unveiling her latest single You Don’t Live Here.

The anticipated follow up to recently released Vodka PineappleEaglemont’s latest offering arrives as another epic “sad and gay” love song detailing the emotional turmoil of a long distance relationship.

‘You Don’t Live Here is a yearning for the past, the uncertainty of the future and the kind of anxiety that makes your throat close up and your stomach drop to your socks,” Bridg explains. “At the beginning of 2020, I fell in love with the love of my life who lived interstate at the time. When we finally got to see each other I remember being in my kitchen, with the chaos of the world swirling around us, and the simplicity of watching her do the dishes was the best moment of my recent life. Naturally the moment was fleeting and she had to leave again.”

Produced by Jonathon Tooke (Cry Club) and mixed by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), You Don’t Live Here arrives with a glimmering gut-punch of intricate guitars and jangly riffs, with Bridg’s rich, raspy husk drenched in unfiltered yearning.

“This song is about frustration and longing, the big gay yearn and desire for simpler times, the cracking of your own reality and a good old fashioned half drunk driveway cry, hoping someone would pull in and run you over.”

Crediting her storytelling ability to her early musical influences such as Bruce Springsteen, and contemporary artists including Courtney BarnettSoccer Mommy and boygenius, Eaglemont’s latest single is the second preview of a larger body of work, scheduled for release later in the year.

In the meantime, catch Eaglemont live for the last two legs of the Cry Club tour, landing in Naarm/Melbourne on September 2 and Kaurna/Adelaide on September 9.


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