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Words by Emily Hollitt

Peach PRC has been making waves throughout the Australian pop music scene. Her openness through her TikTok and other social media accounts work to create the perfect relatable icon to people from all walks of life. Sharing everything from her struggles with mental health, toxic relationships and discovering her sexuality, Peach creates a safe space for those who may feel the same. Team that with her ability to create tracks reminiscent of the early 2000s pop and a great excuse to dress up in all pink at her live shows, her music is shrouded in a culture she’s created; not only does she create great music, but great experiences.

Today, she released her debut EP ‘Manic Dream Pixie’. On the EP she says: “I’ve always been in love with the pop genre and that’s the music I strive to make.  Even when some of my lyrics are dark and kind of disturbing, I want the songs to feel bright and uplifting – and contrary to what they’re saying”.

And the EP does exactly that, shed a beacon of hope on some of life’s biggest hardships. From abusive ex’s to owning up to your own mistakes, ‘Manic Dream Pixie’ fits so much into only into 6 carefully curated tracks. Kinda Famous starts the EP on a high, perfectly capturing the all-encompassing parasocial love of a teenage girl with her favourite celebrity. Combining tropes of pop punk guitar with early 2000s pop, the track pertains a euphoric upbeat sound, perfectly captivating the delusional hopefulness of a celebrity crush.

Perfect For You is one of Peach’s biggest hits of the year. Sampling Paris Hilton’s 2006 single Stars Are Blind, the track continues the melancholic pop sound of the previous track. More importantly, as detailed in Peach’s TikTok, the track details one of the artists first sapphic experiences, long before she labelled herself as a lesbian. Not only is the song a total bop, but a safe space for any femme-loving listeners learning how to love and accept themselves.

F U Goodbye is an empowering lyrical takedown of a toxic ex-partner which begins by lulling them into a false sense of security, checking in on their career and reminiscing on their past. “If I could just see your face I’d look into your eyes and say,” she begins before the brutal chorus hits; “I hate your jokes and don’t think you’re funny. I hope you choke, go broke, lose all your money. Know that you were the worst 45 seconds I had in my life. And I hope your conscience haunts you at night. Fuck you and goodbye.”

In Peach’s own words the track was written to re-claim her power over one of the most damaging relationships of her life. Set over an infectious electro-pop beat, the track was designed to scream out at the top of your lungs while working to get over an ex who really hurt you and “putting the blame where it belongs”. Loved You Before shifts completely from the themes of the last track. Inspired by a wild night out where her and a friend became convinced they had been dinosaurs together in another life which she turned into a love song; the kind of love that was destined regardless of time. After a collection of tracks detailing bad relationships throughout her career, Loved You Before is a reminder that not all love is bad love.

Favourite Person is an apology song written about learning to acknowledge your own toxicity. Sometimes, even if the other person has hurt you, you can still be part of the problem too. Her voice grows heartfelt in every chorus as she sings “You’re my favourite person. “I had to tell myself you’re toxic, better off ‘cos you’re the problem”, she sings about how she tried to villainise them to avoid accountability; “really I just couldn’t take it being hated by my favourite person”. The song is an emotive take on the hardest part of moving on from abusive, toxic or co-dependent relationships; realising and working on the ugly sides they brought out in you.

Vocoded vocal harmonies open Dear Inner Child, a heartbreaking yet comforting love song to Peach’s childhood self. “So if you want to wear pink I’ll wear it for you”. Production is minimal, forcing you to focus on Peach’s lyrics. Her voice stays soft and nurturing. “I’m sorry you had to grow up so young”. In the final chorus she flips the lyrics, singing “so if I want to wear pink I’ll wear it for me”, both thanking her inner child for being strong for her before re-focusing her healing into how she carries herself in her future, rather than how she carries her past with her.

Pop on your favourite pink dress and your highest heels and stream ‘Manic Dream Pixie’ today. Let Peach PRC help you dance through your trauma, embrace your past self and learn to move forward with hope and positivity. And while you’re at it, catch her on national tour this month!

w/ Special Guest Heleina Zara

Thursday April 27th – Hindley Street Music Hall, Adelaide
Friday April 28th – Northcote Theatre, Melbourne
Saturday April 29th – Northcote Theatre, Melbourne
Monday May 1st – Northcote Theatre, Melbourne
Thursday May 11th – Astor Theatre, Perth
Saturday May 13th – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Sunday May 14th – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Tuesday May 16th – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Friday May 19th – The Triffid, Brisbane

Peach PRC’s debut release is available today in a variety of limited-edition pink vinyl’s including a 7” ‘heart shaped’ vinyl, CD and on all DSP’s – LISTEN HERE

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