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Walyalup / Fremantle-based outfit equals equals have made a splash in the Western Australian live music scene with raw, unfiltered, and deeply resonant performances, reflecting the human condition whilst exploring a full spectrum of emotion. Infusing Australian confessional indie rock with UK post-punk, they announce the release of their vulnerable and dangerously infectious debut single Armadillo.

With songwriter, singer, and guitarist David Williams at its helm, Joey Touma on drums, Mitch Glenn on bass, and Lachlan Thomson on synth, equals equals take inspiration from Talking Heads, Fontaines D.C., Yard Act, Ball Park Music, and Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, David explaining that when he wrote Armadillo “I was listening to a lot of Ball Park Music and Noah Dillon. I remember thinking to myself when I first wrote this song, oh this kinda actually
*feels* like a ball park song. The song has taken many different forms since then and I don’t think that rings true now. But the original writing process was big time Ball park inspired.”

Rooted in its rhythmic bass line, Armadillo’s driving drum beat, playful guitars, and iridescent synths, provide the perfect backdrop for meaningfully delivered and cleverly articulated lyricism. Steadily keeping it breezy and cool in the versus, turning it up a notch and keeping you hooked with soaring choruses, and then completely putting the pedal to the metal at 2:53 for an explosive final quarter – the track really has it all.

Its name; Armadillo, a mammal that has bony plates covering its back, is a brilliantly used metaphor for having a thick shell emotionally, David expressing “Armadillo is about vulnerability, closing off, and the loudness of things unsaid. The forever repeating story we’ve all experienced of the damage a lack of communication can cause within relationships. I have always desired open communication within my relationships. Sometimes I have failed miserably, and sometimes I have been seriously let down. This song was my reflection on being on both sides of it and what it was like witnessing it destroy my relationship with a partner, and knowing it was happening and not being able to do anything about it.”

Produced and mixed by Dylan Keirnan at Soak Sounds (Little Guilt, Stem Steller, Solar Juice, Sunday Sundown), David shares “The recording process was a dream. We had such a fun time in the studio. We have been very intentional about making sure the creative process was free flowing and that there are no wrong ideas. We ended up allowing there to be some really playful ad-lib back up vocal parts. I think creative freedom is a big part of the soul of this project and I’m really excited to hear how people respond to the balance between silly and dark and meaningful and meaningless.”

equals equals will celebrate Armadillo’s release with a Single Launch at Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle on Friday July 19th – TICKETS HERE.

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