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Words by Emily Hollitt

Peach PRC has quickly become one of the most impressive new musicians on the scene. The epithet of the parasocial relationship, she uses her vulnerable, open online presence to cultivate not only a devoted fan base, but a community around her music. From coming out as a lesbian on her TikTok to speaking so candidly about her mental health, she not only creates catchy bops, but a safe space for anyone who’s struggling with the same issues.

Just this month she released her debut EP ‘Manic Dream Pixie’. In only 6 tracks, Peach covers everything from understanding when you’ve hurt the people you love to comforting her inner child. The music is still lighthearted, happy, bubblegum pop; the perfect tunes to blast to help you dance through your pain; she creates the perfect mix of fun yet emotionally transparent music.

A sea of pink outfits lined up at the entrance of The Triffid; it was easy to tell exactly who was playing. A mostly female crowd stood at the door, murmuring excitedly as the waited for the gig to begin. The room filled up quickly, creating an amazing turnout for opening act Heleina Zara. With just herself and her guitarist, Zara did an incredible job of hyping up the crowd; she knew exactly how to work the audience. Dressed to impress with bubble braids and a heart-shaped corset, Heleina worked in an impressive array of covers. Starting with a moody version of Lady Gaga‘s Paparazzi as well as an intimate acoustic cover of Conan Gray‘s HeatherAlphabet Soup, a track which she had released that day about how much “modern dating sucks”, was a crowd favourite. Featuring an infectious bass line and relatable lyrics, the crowd got fully involved to celebrate the track’s release.

She brought out her good friend and pop icon Jude York to sing Cardboard, a track about never truly feeling at home. Heleina‘s vocals were on par all night, staying consistently on pitch regardless of how much she was moving. This was taken to a whole new level when paired with York’s silky-smooth vocals, creating gorgeous harmonies; their voices worked excellently together. The pair finished their collaboration with a stripped back, piano cover of Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time. 

Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind blasted over the speakers as the lights turned completely dim. Peach emerged on stage, wearing a full pink outfit and fairy wings The song faded into Perfect For You, one of Peach’s biggest hits off the EP. She was joined onstage by Kat Ayala, an established musician in her own right, ex-member of girlband Rackett and one half of production duo Forces & Fury, as well as playing for the likes of Vanessa Amorosi and Hayley Mary. Kat’s performance was just as dynamic as Peach’s, making up for a truly spectacular show. The crowd excitedly screamed along to fan favourite Kinda Famous and Symptomatic. Blondes followed, one of Peach’s earliest hits. “This one’s for the OG Peach fans. Raise your hand if you remember the CD wall era!” she said before singing Colourblind.

I’ve got new in ears… I feel like Mariah Carey every time I try to hit the high notes!” she joked before leading into Favourite Person. “This is a song about my experience with BPD.” Heavy and Dear Inner Child followed, placing all her most emotional and candid songs together.Do you mind if I sit down for this one?” she said, creating a truly intimate performance of her EP’s closing track. She turned the microphone to the audience to finish the final chorus for her, a true highlight of the gig.This one deserves the dinosaur toy!” she said, hugging a pink dinosaur she’d been handed before the first few notes of Loved You Before began.

My childhood best friend is here… I dedicate this one to you!” she said before the instantly recognisable first few chords of Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag played over the speaker. The audience sang along to every word, placing particular emphasis on the line Her boyfriend’s a dick.” Her friend popped on stage right after, hugging Kat before flashing her and Peach’s matching tattoos. 

A sea of middle fingers rose in the air throughout F U Goodbye as Peach cathartically roasted one of the most abusive exes of her life.This is a for me song because I know nobody knows it” she joked, before covering Enrique Iglesias’ Escape, referencing a TikTok she posted shortly before when she tried to make the song her encore at an earlier show on tour, but no one recognised it. Luckily, this crowd was prepared. This is the one where I ask the crowd to FaceTime their ex!” she said before launching in to fan favourite track and breakout hit Josh. He still calls me!”This one’s for the drunk people in the room… This one’s for anyone who’s ever been to rehab!” she jokes before singing Forever Drunk.

Church organs fell over the room as an extended introduction to God Is A Freak silenced the room, before expertly moving into Peach’s smash hit. This track received one of the biggest singalongs of the night, as the crowd unleashed their own personal religious trauma. One more song!” chanted the crowd swiftly as soon as Peach exited the stage. “I’m gonna need you to be a bit louder than that before I let her back on!” said Kat as ear piercingly loud screams filled the room. She returned to the stage quickly as she launched into the iconic track What Dreams Are Made Of from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. The crowd was more than ready to sing along, screaming out all the words and backing vocals! 

The sea of pink swiftly left The Triffid, spreading out throughout Fortitude Valley. The murmurs were just as excited as when the show began. Even on the way out, the crowd were so polite and respectful of each other; really a room full of the type of person you become briefly best friends with while drunk in the club bathroom. Overall, Peach not only curated an incredible show, but an incredible fan base of people just wanting to dress up pretty and dance away their problems.



Thanks to Island Records Australia/Republic Records

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