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Photo Credit: Simone Gorman-Clark

Emerging ‘bedroom pop’ singer-songwriter Georgia Hoareau is releasing her eagerly anticipated debut EP ‘Wish Somebody Told Her’. The five self-penned tracks were independently recorded over an 18-month period between 2021 & 2022 and capture the same melancholic, coming-of-age lyrics and melodies we’ve come to enjoy from previous singles. Whilst continuing to evolve her sound further, Georgia’s incredible vocals and ‘heart on her sleeve’ songwriting delivers a level of musical maturity which belies her age.  

Covering a range of styles from introspective pop to indie rock, the EP includes two previous singles; the catchy, upbeat pop gem GIRL and the surprising pop rock turn Oh Well. The EP also includes three exciting new tracks In the End, 4 Minutes Away and Not The Real You. The latter track Not The Real You is a gorgeously arranged piano ballad with strings played by award winning multi-instrumentalist Salliana Seven Campbell (Bernard Fanning, Kasey Chambers, Alex Lloyd, Katie Noonan).

Of the new tracks, In The End is a real highlight and one which should see Georgia gain new fans. A subtle but deeply reflective track, the harmonised chorus hits with the line “When did we fall out of each other’s arms?”. It’s a deeply heartfelt track and one which will resonate with anyone who’s lost their first-time love.

“I wrote these songs between the ages of 16 and 18. They capture a range of events and emotions that occurred during that time of my life. Finishing school, finding love, losing love and finding myself again. This EP feels like a time capsule which I’m happy to release now.” says Georgia.

The new release displays yet another side of Georgia’s incredible songwriting and a further evolution of her amazing vocal delivery. A Gold Coast Music Awards 2022 finalist for ‘Song of the Year’ and recent supports with Beckah Amani, Greta Stanley and Harry J Hart, the next 12 months looks bright.

Beautifully produced by respected Brisbane musician Joel Myles (Jack Bratt, Clint Boge, Harry J Hart) at Head Atlas Studios, the result is a stunningly honest collection of tracks from an artist who is only getting started!

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