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Celebrated for serving up sad music that you can dance to, Eora / Sydney four-piece GRXCE are back today with another deliciously cathartic release, pouring their heart and soul into new single Wasted On You.

Following up previous singles Pretty Boy and Family TraditionsGRXCE have returned from their epic ‘GRXCE Goes Home’ national tour to unveil their newest indie track, featuring waves of shoegaze inspired guitars guiding angst-driven rhythms.

Reflecting on a period of mental mistreatment, lead singer Jamila Grace delivers a pragmatic vocal performance that acknowledges pain as a tool to eventually heal, her lyrics serving as a voice of reason rather than a criticism of past mistakes.

“Wasted on You is about unconsciously waiting for someone to come back for you and how isolating that feeling is,” Jamila explains.  “I was seeing someone who kept swearing the timing wasn’t right and I told myself that I wouldn’t wait for him and I would move on, but then I was kinda paralysed. Without even trying I was turning down advances from other people, isolating myself, staying in his peripheral in case he changed his mind. It put me in this weird stalemate where I didn’t really know who I was if I didn’t want him.”

Produced and mixed by Fletcher Matthews (Clews, The Buoys), with mastering by George Georgiadis (Tyne-James Organ, Great Gable), Wasted On You arrives as the perfect sad girl anthem, capturing frustration before setting it free in an addictive chorus.

“The track was really just two piano chords and lyrics when it first started. Alex, Jono and I were in Alex’s tiny bedroom and I played them the track through a DAW, playing the piano chords through Alex’s computer keyboard,” Jamila recalls. “This song was a release of all those feelings, a way to finally put how I felt into words, how wasted I felt I was by not enjoying myself just cause I couldn’t have this one person.”

Bridging the gap between classic indie rock and profound, lyrical storytelling, GRXCE explore situations in depth no matter where they sit on the spectrum of life’s emotions, adding Wasted On You to their growing repertoire of life-inspired song celebrations.

GRXCE will be supporting Adam Newling, Sly Withers, The Rions and Kitschen Boy in June / July, with three Queensland headline show dates scheduled for July.

2nd June – Metro Social, Sydney (supporting Adam Newling)
3rd June – The Northern, Byron Bay (supporting Sly Withers)
8th June – The Lansdowne, Sydney (supporting The Rions)
1st July – Waywards, Sydney (supporting Kitschen Boy)

6th July – Tomcat, Brisbane
7th July – Burleigh Town Hotel, Gold Coast
8th July – TBC


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