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Hand Models, the ever-evolving group from the Central Coast/Newcastle regions, have released their new single Trying To Find following on from previous track, Twice As Quit, released in October last year.

Trying To Find marks a significant milestone for Hand Models, as it showcases their unique musical blend and relatable songwriting. The single is the result of months of hard work between the duo’s core members: Lachlan Knowles on vocals and lyrics, and Darcy Chaney handling instrumental composition and production.

The track’s poignant lyrics combined with Hand Models‘ signature sound create a memorable and relatable listening experience. With Lachlan Knowles lending his emotive vocals and Darcy Chaney‘s skilled production work, Trying To Find promises to capture the audience’s attention from the very first instrumental hit.

The recording of Trying To Find took place at The Brain Studios in Sydney, renowned for its excellent facilities and commitment to producing high-quality music. The single was expertly mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov, adding a polished finish to the band’s creative endeavor.

Formed by frontman Lachlan Knowles, Hand Models take aim at filling the gap in the Australian music scene with post-punk energy paired with cavernous vocals, screeching guitars and a dense rhythm section led by Mack Hunter and Darcy Chaney. With a stiff goose in their step on stage, they’ve already proven to be a sight for sore eyes through their recent antics all over the Newcastle/Central Coast scene. Keep an eye out for more from this crew!

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