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After making an immediate impact in 2023 with debut release Sweeping Up My Shadow, Heartbeatz – the brainchild of Melbourne-based writer and British India bassist William Drummond – today returns with a lyrical odyssey in new single Heavyweight.

Heavyweight paints a colourful picture of pub work in Melbourne, watching the same night playing out by the same friendship groups over and over. Through joy, anger and tears, Drummond eloquently puts the listener in the driver’s seat of the chaos, capturing the essence and occasional beauty of hospo life.

“This is my ode to hospitality. To the unbreakable friendships made, nights that seem to drag on forever and others that disappear in the blink of an eye,” explains Drummond. “To the feelings of stagnation and yearning, to hot blooded heartbreak. To all the people who fight vehemently for us even when we are bringing them down.” 

Originating from the confines of a dilapidated, asbestos shed in his backyard, Drummond teamed up with producer/musical director Michael Belsar (G-Flip, Hayden James) and drummer Matt O’Gorman (British India) to help breathe life into the story, building into each goosebump-inducing chorus with rhythmic precision.

“The lyrics fell into place once I started singing friends’ names in the chorus. The first being “Jamie’s on the phone says he’s outta luck, talks for an hour and then I ask how much?” Is very much the antithesis of my friend Jamie who is always being called for favours, to which he always obliges,” says Drummond. “From there I just started writing about my friends and nights we have had and those feelings of being trapped in a job, in a relationship, of living the same nights over and over again.”

With Heartbeatz anticipated debut album ‘Memory::Loss’ due March 22nd, Heavyweight adds an organic brilliance to the project – building on the experimental complexity of singles Sweeping Up My Shadow and What’s The Problem? and unveiling a captivating path towards Drummond’s first solo body of work.


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