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Australia, meet Lost Souls – the new heroes of metalcore tasked with saving the world one thunderous breakdown at a time. The five-piece have released their monumental new single, The Return, which is only the second taste of music from the band and is available NOW!

Lost Souls are the name you need to know in 2024. An international collective of musicians, Lost Souls have come together in Australia to tap into whatever is in the water that has produced some of the biggest and best heavy bands in the world right now. The band charged to the fore via their epic debut single, Childhood Died, which has had over five million views across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok (and climbing), more than half a million streams on Spotify and garnered the attention of reaction channels around the globe.

Lost Souls’ second single The Return concludes their own Star Wars lyrical saga. With an array of meaty riffs, mesmerising atmospherics and a towering chorus bookended by crushing breakdowns, The Return ascends to another realm courtesy of Casey’s guitar solo that, quite literally, levitates her along with it in the song’s eerie video shot in a forest teeming with supernatural energy.

Frontman Kevin explains: “The Return feels right to be our second single. It’s actually super f*cking hard to work out which songs to record and to release as they are all so good. We’ve had some pretty serious talks about when to release what songs because they’re that good we’re not sure what impact it will have on like… music itself. Like if we come out and just go dropping banger after banger redefining music, art, f*ck… even life with each one, that’s just irresponsible. We have a responsibility to come at this with a great deal of caution, changing lives bit by bit.”

“There’s been a lot of comments online about our first single Childhood Died being funny, or we’re like this parody band and I guess I can see how people would think that,” he continues. “However, I’m not joking, or trying to be funny. I mean every word I say in these songs but because it’s about Star Wars people think I’m not serious. Generations before us grew up on stories of various Gods and people just accepted it blindly, but essentially they are just stories, no different from the stories of our generation. The stories I grew up on gave me hope and taught me how to stand up for what I believe in.”

Voices of the lost, souls of the forgotten. Lost Souls are a five-piece metalcore outfit charged with the heavy burden of being earth’s greatest musical achievement, whilst also being its savior. Their huge riffs, hypnotic hooks and unforgiving lyrics make them a force to be reckoned with.

As neurodivergent kindred spirits, Kevin (Vocals), Knox (Guitar/ vocals), Casey (Guitar), Jovi (bass) and Yosh (drums) were drawn to each other by fate. Having just as much in common as things they disagree on, the group connected over music, skateboarding, art and the isolation of being misfits and outsiders, whilst almost coming to blows regarding opinions, politics, science and ethics.

However, that’s what makes this band special. Their songs harness rage and despair, peace and knowledge all at once. A concoction that has won them fans worldwide, their first release Childhood Died became an instant generational anthem – and Lost Souls are just getting started.

With fire in their eyes, love in their hearts and anger on their tongues, Lost Souls are finally ready to take their message to the world and accept their place as the greatest band… Ever.



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