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Indie rock trio Des Cortez have released their highly-anticipated new single Strangers. This release serves as a follow-up to their previous hit single Ultraviolet and is part of their forthcoming EP titled ‘Little Giants’, off the back of their multi-regional date tour with WA band DICE.

‘Little Giants’ captures snapshots of life’s small beauties and challenges, elevated by the intensity of the moment. The EP delves into themes of young love, enduring friendships, and the journey of self-identity. Much of the narrative explores the tumultuous transition from teenage years to adulthood, reflecting on the cherished connections we make and the personal growth we experience.

Having spent the past year refining their craft, Des Cortez has solidified their status as a formidable force in the indie music scene. The band, composed of high school friends Devlin, Paddy, and Sam, developed their unique sound during their final year of high school. Their debut EP ‘Burn After Listening’ (2021) propelled them into the Melbourne music scene, leading to a series of beloved singles and electrifying live performances.

Des Cortez has since captivated audiences across Melbourne, performing at sold-out shows such as their single launch in the Espy’s Gershwin Room. They have also supported renowned acts including Agung Mango, Summer Thieves, South Summit, The Butlers, and The Rions. Their live performances are known for their intimate yet mesmerizing energy, with catchy rhythms and melodic sections that resonate with the nuance of their recordings.

The first single from the EP, Ultraviolet, was an upbeat, feel-good track with catchy harmonies and jangly guitar parts, exploring the excitement and novelty of young relationships, likening these experiences to seeing completely new colors.

Now, Strangers, the second single, addresses themes of identity and friendship, questioning how those we once held close can become strangers. The song also contemplates how different versions of ourselves can become lost, reflecting on the rapid changes we undergo. 

‘Little Giants’ is set for release later this year.

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