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A track that kinda feels custom-built for more profound listening on a road trip or in a surf film, Stop and Think sees a thumping mix of grooving slide guitar chugs, Morpheus-like wisdom, driven by a building beat, before it erupts into a call-to-arms chorus, priming itself as an instant classic.

An influential part of the Australian roots music scene & renowned as the world’s first didgeridoo-beatboxer, Nathan Kaye, is a globe-trotting one-man-band who thumps out songs on lap steel slide guitar, slide-didge & electronic foot-drums. It’s like he’s chewed on blues, munched on funk, grabbed a handful of rock, sniffed up world roots, inhaled psytrance, tinkered with your grandad’s old drum kit & then exhaled his own genre.
It’s music that marries the earthy drive of John Butler, Xavier Rudd and Ben Harper with the uplifting atmosphere of Michael Franti.

You may have seen him on stages around the world, such as Glastonbury Festival (UK), Splendour In The Grass (AUS), Falls Festival (AUS), Earth Day Festival (Indonesia), on the 44 date, sold out national tour with multi-platinum selling Pete Murray, or supporting ARIA -winning Birds of Tokyo, or supporting Grammy-winners Wolfmother and Jason Mraz in LA.

His latest single, STOP AND THINK, explodes with the frustration of feeling really over the b.s. of mainstream society, something many have come to experience in the past few years. Kaye blasts open the doors of limitation, riffing and roaring an invitation for the listener to feel a similar catharsis and just let it all go. On one hand, it holds the tumultuousness we often feel in life, and on the other hand, it holds the uplifting solution when the slide guitar wails and Kaye whispers, “breathe.”

“When the lyrics and groove for this song came to me, I had just watched the government and media’s blatant veneration of violent conflict on the TV, yet in stark contrast, here I was sitting in a peaceful part of nature with my lap steel slide guitar.”

A track that will indisputably have your toes tapping that features the type of rockin’ production of blues and roots journey masters such as Ben Harper and John Butler Trio, STOP AND THINK is an example of just how well multiinstrumentalist, Nathan Kaye is able to effortlessly capture uplifting emotion whilst delivering hard-hitting questions and challenges.
“I’m proud to say that we recorded this at an eco-friendly, solar-powered production studio deep in the rainforests of the Byron hinterland.”

If this the first glimpse from Kaye’s forthcoming LP titled, ‘Movement of Change’, then we are likely to see this guy’s music blasted out of passing cars and festival campsites in the coming months. It’ll have you spinning the tune on repeat doing push-ups on the beach on a sunny summer’s morning whilst singing at the top of your lungs.

Stop and Think is available to stream now.

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