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“Very sweet, charismatic and real songwriting that I can’t help but adore. Cannot wait to hear more!”Claire Mooney, triple j

“Little Guilt harvest those bright moments in life and craft them into sonic delights.”Veronica Zurzolo, Pilerats

“Earnest vocals and quietly invigorating hooks. There are clear notes of fellow indie pop star Stella Donnelly, a fellow Western Australian native.”Tone Deaf

“I was first and foremost a fan of that vocal but then the little groove kicked in and I was doubly in.”Tommy Faith, triple j Unearthed

Little Guilt evokes a gentle contentment of the meandering through life – reminiscent of springtime bees lazily bumbling through buttercups. Wrapped up in utterly tender lyrics and delightful sonics, their latest single Nowhere is an utter delight.

“Nowhere is a song about procrastinating. It’s about wanting to do everything else but the thing you’re supposed to be doing. A very relatable topic for most people.” – Little Guilt

The music video feels more like a VCR you uncovered from a far, cobwebbed corner of your attic. Intensely nostalgic and cherished for these people and places you have never met before. It concisely and expertly bottles the beauty and simplicity of life – the everyday joys that make life worth living.

The music video was filmed and directed by singer Ella Melton’s boyfriend Rhys Rogers. It encapsulates this inescapable feeling of procrastination and highlights the beauty of just existing. 

“It’s very handy having someone as talented as Rhys around because he’s the man behind all our shoots and music videos. This music video especially, has that homemade, sweet/bedroom pop “Clairo” vibes. It fits in with the theme of procrastinating as it has a lot of glowing and daydream shots of Ella, doing literally nothing.” – Little Guilt

Little Guilt are somehow able to bottle both the expansive and comforting feeling of contentment through fuzzed out guitars, airy vocals and shimmering percussion. Recorded at Soak Sounds in North Dandalup, the track was mixed by up-and-coming producer Dylan Keirnan and mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Half Moon Run).

In a similar vein to front runners  Middle Kids, Ball Park Music and Stella Donnelly, who also toe the line between indie-dream-pop and gentle rock, Little Guilt add their own highly refined take. They work together as not just a band, but as friends – each playing into their own strengths. This results in a refined and cohesive body of work that has found fans of the American Clairo ecstatic at Australia’s very own answer to the burgeoning need for gentle lo-fi, analogue-washed sounds.

Accompanying this release are two launch shows in their hometown, sharing the stage with local supports. Saturday 17th September they will be playing at Fremantle’s The Aardvark accompanied by Sago, Ken Paolo, Space Cadets and King Ibis. In addition to this, Little Guilt will also be playing in Perth at The Sewing Room on Friday 14th October, supported by Bush Telly and more.

Ultimately, Little Guilt’s music is empathetic to its core -defined by captivating vocals with a keen eye for emotionally piercing lyrics. They have the rare power to lull you into a trusted sense of safety as the gentle sonic soundscape swaddle you in a cocoon of comfort. 


Saturday September 17th | The Aardvark, Fremantle – Tickets
w/ Sago, Ken Paolo, Space Cadets & King Ibis

Friday October 14th | The Sewing Room, Perth – Tickets
w/ Bush Telly & more



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