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Continuing an extremely fruitful year that has already seen them play alongside the likes of Bugs, TOWNS and CHEAP SKATE, Melbourne indie-punk duo, Sick Visor today release their debut EP, ‘For Wise People Who Appreciate Quality’.

Produced and mixed by vocalist Alex Moses, the band spent time between their home studio and an AirBnb in regional Victoria, piecing together their debut EP, which is all about embracing life and learning to be okay with being happy.

“The EP is about growing up, having fun and learning to be okay with feeling happy. Sick Visor’s mission statement is to bring childlike joy back to being grown-ups.” says Alex.

“We don’t feel like we’re adults yet – when we’re having the most fun, we’re usually acting like stupid children.”

Featuring infectious singles, Shit For Brains, Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert and most recently, My Legs Feel Good In My Pants, Sick Visor’s debut EP also comes with two new songs, including nostalgia-soaked tune Love Is Free.

“‘Love is Free’ is a song I wrote about going on a date when I had $60 in my bank account and pretending I wasn’t broke and everything was fine,” explains Alex.

“Ultimately it is a song about being a student, living in a sharehouse, falling in love and the irony of making good personal decisions in your early 20s, and terrible financial ones.”

Having made an immediate impact on the Melbourne live scene, Sick Visor are now gearing up to take their live show across the country – firing up dancefloors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart.

Off the back of two very strenuous and unnerving years for the music industry, Sick Visor are the breath of fresh air we all need right now – leaning on punk sensibilities to create a true hit of dopamine on the cusp of summer.


November 25 – Paradise Alley – Greaser Bar, Brisbane
December 2 – Penny’s, Melbourne
December 3 – Simple Cider, Hobart (Supporting The Sleepyheads)
December 5 – MONA Lawns, Hobart


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