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Naarm/Melbourne-based neo-soul band Sweet Temper have just shared their self titled EP – produced by guitarist Nick Robertson, mixed by Phil Threlfall (IllyBliss n Eso) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Hiatus KaiyoteTash Sultana).

‘Sweet Temper’ is a captivating five-track compilation of sultry and euphoric neo-soul arrangements, each drawing inspiration from soul, pop and R&B. The record skilfully incorporates further use of psychedelic ambiance to transcend conventional classifications of genre, whilst paying homage to influences such as Hiatus Kaiyote, to boldly carving out the bands own path.

Sweet Temper talks about the inspiration behind the record: “The EP comes from a tumultuous time in our lives and is structured to be a journey through all the highs and lows that life entails. We are exploring themes of toxicity in relationships, self-doubt, the burden of family and social expectations, and bonding through trauma. All heavy topics, and while we like to keep the music fun and playful, we are also committed to embracing the negative with the positive. Neo-soul, pop, and R&B are at the core, but we don’t shy away from using elements from heavy rock and psychedelic genres to support the stories we are trying to tell.”

Better Than You opens with melodius synths and elaborate musical intricacies that meld harmoniously, crafting a radiant exemplar of modern neo-soul. The unvarnished and authentic storytelling finesse of the frontwoman, Abbey Green, blend seamlessly into the lush instrumentation, sweeping into immersive sonic landscapes, that are intensified by the band’s unparalleled musical prowess.

Two Face follows, beckoning with a sonorous bass line and compelling marching rhythm, before the chorus drips with infectious hooks. The ethereal vocal harmonies create an enigmatic atmosphere before the song concludes with a conversational vocal line that surrounds the groove-laden arrangement.

Mirrors marks the heart of the collection, with rock-influenced dynamic shifts that are heightened in the arresting guitar riffs and motifs. The chorus holds onto anticipated suspense, before delicately unraveling into velvety and weightless verses. The bridge introduces an ascending guitar solo that amplifies the established melodies, as the vocals provide a breath-catching interlude before propelling into a liberating finale.

The focus track The Vow collates all key characteristics of the bands sound, but elevates them in a new space exuding confidence and attitude that permeates the vibrant melody that dances atop the rhythmic foundation. As the song reaches its climax, a dynamic call and response ensues between the commanding melody and the spirited backing vocals, creating an engaging tapestry of texture.

The final track Tattooed Beat decelerates the pace and feel, with emotive vocal delivery, before going into a chromatic and rising chorus with an eerie dissonance caused by the pleading storytelling. The orchestration follows the desperation in the delivery, before moments of guitar feedback slowly dissolve, permeating the record with the bands unmistakable soulful timbre.

Accompanying the release, the band will perform a headline show at Bar Open in Naarm/Melbourne celebrating the EP. Previous singles have seen support from triple j Unearthed2SER2RRRSYN Media4ZZZ, Southern FMGove FM and 2XX FM. In the online space, it has also seen support from PileratsThe MusicMusic FeedsGood Call LiveAmnplify and AAA Backstage.


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