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Following a string of emotion-packed singles that has seen them regularly tour nationally, sell out hometown shows and play alongside The RionsBeddy Rays and Pacific Avenue, Sydney indie-pop quartet GRXCE now unveil their eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Sorry For Being Sad’.

Produced and mixed with Fletcher Matthews (The Buoys, Dear Seattle), ‘Sorry For Being Sad’ is a stellar debut from GRXCE – elevating their unique brand of “sad music you can dance to” to new heights. Through achingly honest lyricism, lush production and an engrossing conceptual storyline, GRXCE guides the listener down an immersive and reflective path of discovery, growth and change.

“‘Sorry For Being Sad’ is a conceptual journey following my experience navigating my early twenties. It’s a coming of age story starting from when I moved 7 hours away from my regional hometown of Corindi Beach to experiencing my first break-up and first mental health diagnosis with anxiety,” explains vocalist Jamila“It centres heavily around how my anxiety diagnosis impacted experiences in love, friendship and growing up. It has been a super reflective process and really feels like a full circle experience.”

From a brutal depiction of a destructive relationship in Gravel Rash to a polished dancefloor hit in Costume Party, the EP also comes with pop-driven focus track Butterflies, which draws inspiration from artists like Renee Rapp and Sabrina Carpenter to allow for a more bubbly overtone.

The decision to close the EP with Someday – a song about accepting your shortcomings and continuing to put work into your mental health – boldly acknowledges that ‘Sorry For Being Sad’ is but one chapter in GRXCE’s evolving story, albeit a deeply significant one.

“When we were in the studio I felt like I was wrapping up my journey discovering my mental health and now as we near the release of the record, I’m starting a whole new journey of getting diagnosed with ADHD. It feels like I’m going through a lot of what I wrote about all over again,” admits Jamila.

Behind the scenes, GRXCE have been working tirelessly on an exciting short film that is set to follow the EP’s release. Created and conceptualised by the brilliant minds of writer/director Sinead Campion and cinematographer/editor Riley O’Toole, the film for ‘Sorry For Being Sad’ explores Jamila’s anxiety diagnosis and her journey through the beginnings of young adulthood and moving away from home. GRXCE’s commitment to their art has made them a band fans can live vicariously through, sharing in all their ups and downs.

Having recently wrapped up a mini East Coast tour (by their standards anyway), GRXCE today also announce their national headline tour for ‘Sorry For Being Sad’ – covering three states over eight electrifying shows. With their first body of work in hand, a self-produced short film to go with it and yet another run of tour dates, GRXCE have truly earned their reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the country.

‘Sorry For Being Sad’ National Tour

17 August – Yah Yahs, Melbourne VIC
22 August – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle NSW
31 August – Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour NSW
1 September – Tomcat, Brisbane QLD
12 September – Beach Hotel, Byron Bay NSW
20 September – La La La’s, Wollongong NSW
21 September – The Chippo, Sydney NSW
5 October – Springfest, Port Macquarie NSW


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