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Vera Blue’s stunning sophomore album ‘Mercurial’ will be released across two vinyl formats and a special deluxe digital version, out May 12. A limited edition 2LP white deluxe version is available to pre-order on Vera Blue’s Official Store, and a 1LP yellow standard edition is available to pre-order at retailers.

Originally released digitally and on CD in October last year, the album was a record of reinvention and triumph, and accompanied the announcement of the ‘Mercurial National Tour’ through November and December 2022.

The deluxe edition of the album contains two new tracks recorded in her sessions with longtime collaborators Andy and Thom MakOne Condition and Take Your Time.

Vera Blue says, “I am so thrilled to finally be able to share the Deluxe Vinyl of ‘Mercurial’ with you all! We always intended the ‘Mercurial’ story to be expanded upon with these final two songs to complete the picture. ‘Take Your Time’ is a song about nurture and caring for others or being looked after loved. The big and warm analogue feel was a mood that felt perfect for vinyl. ‘One Condition’ is a track about empowerment and finding your own voice. We had so much fun creating this track and it really captures a contrasting, upbeat energy.

Including both ‘Take Your Time’ and ‘One Condition’ on the expanded vinyl edition was a no-brainer for us. They are both very different songs, but they showcase different sides of my artistry and what I can do as a songwriter and performer. Mercurial feels complete and perfect to us now. I hope you enjoy these songs and the rest of the expanded ‘Mercurial’ story in larger-than-life vinyl format as much as we enjoyed creating it.“

What began life as a means of healing and therapy, harnessing the raw emotion of her past and the confidence of her future, Vera Blue’s ‘Mercurial’ is equally visceral, messy, and beautiful.

‘Mercurial’ – itself a term indicating a sudden shift in focus and mood – slowly took shape as a fitting follow-up to her gold certified debut album ‘Perennial’. Her heaviest and most surprising work to date, ‘Mercurial’ is a record that speaks to her ongoing journey, reminding the world that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Though her previous work was informed by heartbreak and pain, ‘Mercurial’ is the sound of Pavey evolving as a human and an artist, facing the unexpected ability to change, and discovering herself at the height of her powers. It’s the realisation that emotions are a superpower, it’s harnessing the negative to discover the positives, and it’s finding comfort in the discomfort of evolving.




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