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Words by Stephen Shelverton

The Terrys, those surf-loving indie lads from Gerringong, are banging the gong and belting out new music in cyclonic fury. Yep, the team who brought sun-smiling bleached fun to your summers gone at Aus music festivals with tracks such as Hopscotch, Pesos, Our Paradise and positive vibes of the Good Day teamed up with Esoterik and Scraps, are backing up from the triumphant 2022 album ‘True Colour’.

Similarly, if you are a person of good music taste as a fan of; Beddy Rays, Royel Otis, Ruby Fields, The Grogans, Sophisticated Dingo, Hockey Dad, Teenage Dads, Pacific Avenue, The Moving Stills, and anywhere that good Aus Indie surf rock is sold, (no doubt I’m already preaching to the Young Henrys-soaked choir) ‘Skate Pop’ is going to slip right in between them nice and deep like!

Strap in for a guided tour of the 13 tracks, a wholesome 37:59 minutes of joy-filled extravaganza to wrap your music taste buds around.

Track 1 – Head Noise:
The album opens with a soundcheck- “Yeah, yep, yep Yep!”…”Alright tell me when you’re ready”…  (Oh, we are ready lads!). Jacob Finch’s unique voice comes through with that excited youthfulness he is renowned for, in between cycles of duelling guitar wails between Lead Guitarist Lukas Anderson and Ben Salvatori on rhythm. “And no matter what you say you wear your heart on your sleeeeeeve!”

Three quarters through this track The Terrys take a breather with Cameron Cooper on drums, maintaining a gentle holding pattern of cymbal taps, that conjoin with bass-master Trent Cooper to synch in a melting rhythm, while attempting to hold back a lightning bolt of guitar bursts, buffeted with a rich synth overlay to the outro.

Track 2 – No Bad Days:
This was the inescapable sound of 2024. Over 19 thousand views on Youtube, the film clip is an homage to the source of The Terrys namesake, with the landlord extraordinaire “Terry” himself cutting out some dance moves to set the scene.

I have had to endure the ubiquitous call “It should have been higher” from my Aus music loving friend Jess, having voted for this as her number 1 track in the 2023 triple j Hottest 100, when it slid into the 93rd entry. This track has everything, a nostalgic intro, paced passionate lyrics, mellow keys, and ripping guitar solos, smoothly gliding along on the vibrato of a hummingbird walking bass line. Jess, my friend I totally agree with you.

Track 3 – Troopy:
Anyone with a four-wheel drive fondness for an iconic diesel workhorse, is going to shed an old salty tear on this one. The J45/47 Toyota Landcruiser long wheel base station wagon, colloquially known as a “Troopy” is an iconic symbol of rugged comfort free motoring, steeped with a picturesque photo album set to Australian Landscape of parties on our plentiful beaches, working this great Southern land, or camping with loved ones, as way back as 1960’s, and scoring plenty of surface rust along the way.

Just like seeing a Troopy rattle down the road, this track hits you square in the flashback feels with reminiscent lyrics of an awkward unrequited crush “Because I’m Loopy, driving around in Troopy, say G’day to Susie, oh I wish she knew me”. It’s a lovelorn languish, happy memories and contentment in the simple, easy life. The models may change through time but the feelings remain the same.

Track 4 – Tokyo:
For the love of all things green and smokable, you’ll get this one at 4:20 assisted with the multipurpose use of a Gatorade bottle (paraphrased lyrics from The Terrys). The hypnotic synth wave breakdown at half way, and driving drums push you along to the next jet plane to Tokyo, with a gentle nudge of a sticky little guitar solo to get you off the runway.  It’s a bit of a belter, with the synth wave post punk combo slamming into a sturdy surf rock.

As a punk enthusiast I bloody love it. One decent rip on the Gatorade saxophone and it’s over in 2:15 minutes, leaving you feeling high and wanting more “There goes the feeling that I wanna know” echoing in my temporal cortex.

Track 5 – Clouds:
A dreamy floating feeling, lifts you up into the clouds, ironically and excellently placed against the previous track that took us high in a plane. The continued use of synth, and tantalising soft tapping percussion acting as a metronome, to carry you through this gentle track. The guitar almost ending the track in the manner of a harp being played upon velvety clouds.

Track 6 – Imaginary Friends:
Dreams and flying away seem to be a common theme on this album “I wish I was flying away, before I go, I’ve got something to say.” Stripped down in comparison to the other tracks, but heightened with a warm harmony in the guitars working together, alongside that signature present percussion of The Terrys. I can see this working well in an acoustic set too.

Track 7 – Fundamental Man:
The song opens with a blue grassy flavoured swagger, so you know its staging for a good story. strutting along, with a greasy bass line, and an unexpected staggering guitar solo at 1:45. All the while, Jacob is trying to warn us about the fundamental mental man, and how life is a blessing. 

The sound engineer, deserves props for the production value of this song. It might not achieve the attention of some of the more crowd favourites, but it’s a smooth clean finish and deserves the warmth of stage theatre lights shining on it.

Track 8 – Daisy’s Drop:
Talking about acoustic serenades, and voila! Whoever Daisy is, she must be feeling very loved. The love or longing is evident in the empathic plea, examining the gentle vulnerability of the exposed vocal/guitar duo. Don’t get too comfy, as the lads explode out in a full arm flex, of fired up electric guitar bursts in the final minute of the track, to raise it from a serenade to a cavalcade of The Tezzas 5 piece.

Track 9 – Zombie:
Skeggs would be nodding their heads to this track in agreement. Fast tempo at just under 2 minutes, it’s tickling my punk funny bone, and it agrees with my naturally short attention span.

This song is just being itself, a fun distraction from taking things to seriously. It takes me to quote The Tezzas own mission statements “Infectious, Fun and free-spirited is the Tezzas way. It’s not the streams or radio plays – it’s fulfilling their own creative urges and building a community on the foundation of Music and mates in the process…”. I think they kind of nailed that philosophy in this short and sweet barrage.

Track 10 – Silent Disco:
Please excuse me for the next 3 minutes, I just have to dance to my own semi silent disco, and I’ve got ten bucks on you will too if you’ve not already heard this track! 

Right from the guitar amp feedback at the start, this song has got gusto a plenty, with break neck rhythm and pace. Jacob’s voice is on point, chasing down a race of riff- based guitar wails, with his personalised lyrics “ I hope this day never ends” . Referencing key points in his life as “that was the best day of my life.” Lovely positive stuff, and name dropping what I assume to his dog’s name is cute as heck.

The climbing Bass track is tightly wound together in precision to the the madman approach to percussion work. Surely this track had to result in a few cracked cymbals during production? I am steering well clear of the overused SNL quote, rather I’m going to take a stab and say the use of a wooden Jam block in this song is going off like a cuckoo clock at high noon in mid-summer.

Track 11 – Wolves:
A sleeper track with the lyrics warning of wolves howling at the moon, guitar chords wavering in sustain, seem to replicate this primal behaviour. Jacob’s singing is pushed to the edge “wait for the music let it take you away, ‘cause I feel something beautiful, and it’s a place to stay.”

Track 12 – If You Get That:
The stride of this track, has a swimming harmony, all starting with Jacob telling us he zigged when he should of zagged.

Acoustic rhythm guitar compliments Jacob’s story-telling, with interludes of soft Electric guitar. The evolving nature of this track is one to put your headphones on and go for a sunset walk to absorb it.  Gentle backgrounds of violin sounds, punctuated with flute notes show case the expansion of The Terrys sound, it’s just beautiful.

Track 13 – Favourite Place:
Not a bad way to welcome in 2024 when The Terrys gave us this glowing ember of a Harmonica laden gem, beaming in positivity on 5th of January. A finale to the album with Piano effects, customised idiophones from the percussion expert, this song has more layers to it than a boozy Christmas trifle. it will be an absolute cracker to experience live.

Every album has standouts, with Bad Days, Silent Disco and Favourite Place gaining favourable feedback from audiences in the early release and high rotation on Triple J. These songs do not override the other 10 tracks however; rather they are well placed to compliment them on their journey.  

The growth and breadth of the ‘Terrydactyls’ flight from Gerringong to the world in four years has   put pace to honing their craft from countless hours of performing and refined musical skill in recording new material. This album is an expression of doing what they love. Through reviewing ‘Skate Pop’ I’m lucky to play it repeatedly. I have a strong sense you’ll be doing the same. 

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