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Rising queer indie-pop artist Hallie (they/she) has released their newest single Cut It Off, alongside the accompanying video. Cut It Off’ is the final track from their dazzling debut EP ‘This Is Love’, a collection of alt-pop anthems which captured love; falling out of love, dealing with heartbreak, and navigating queer love.

First heard on triple j, Cut It Off perfectly captures the frustration and pain felt by ending a relationship. Hallie has quickly gained a reputation for their honest and introspective songwriting, and Cut It Off is no exception.

Speaking on the song, Hallie adds: “Cut it Off is the final piece to the ‘This is Love’ EP, this body of work is not complete without it! This is the song where I share the real pain and upset of my break up. Simply put, it’s about missing your ex; their friendship, their company, the comfortability. It’s about that part in the break up where you’re both anxious and you don’t know how to act completely normal around each other when not that long ago they were your comfort zone and your ‘normal’. I felt so heartbroken by the fact I had to cut it off and also fascinated by how romantic love with someone can impact your friendship journey.  I felt a lot of insecurities of wondering if we were ever friends, if the sexual/ romantic aspects were all we ever had, and I felt a bit confronted by that thought and fearful that we couldn’t reframe our relationship into something else; that our journey had ended for good. Oscar Sharah and I wrote this song over Zoom and I remember there was a lag on the call, which is usually really annoying, but it actually meant Oscar heard me singing ‘cut cut cut it off’ 2 beats behind what I actually was. So Zoom kind of wrote the rhythm of the main melody and to be honest, Zoom was right- it fit way better!  I wanted ‘Cut it Off’ to feel like there were all these pent up feelings of frustration and pain.”

With the release of Cut It OffHallie has welcomed Damaged Goods ClubLeoLORAGRXCE and Ebony Emili to their ‘Love A Lot‘ Tour in July. 

Hallie will also be releasing their debut ‘This Is Love’ EP digital pressing via Serenade on 14 April. Marking their first Digital Pressing with Serenade, fans will get exclusive rewards and content put together by Hallie. Digital Pressings are the modern day version of limited edition vinyl. They’re rare releases produced by artists in scarce quantities, with special bonus content to celebrate the music people that back them. Minted on the environmentally friendly blockchain Polygon, each Digital Pressing has a carbon footprint of less than 2% of a single tweet, so you can support great music, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the best by the environment. Be the first to access it HERE.

Hallie adds: “I’m so excited to be sharing the limited edition digital pressing of my EP  This is Love which includes the bonus track ‘Cut It Off’. The digital pressing also comes with some fun exclusive extras, including downloads of unreleased tracks, handwritten notes (and the setlist from the most recent tour!), a signed poster pack for your bedroom wall and MORE. EEEP! I can’t wait for you to dig in! Thank you for sharing the ‘This Is Love’ journey with me. Love always, Hallie  <3”


Thursday, 13 July 2023: Gaso Upstairs, Narrm/Melbourne w/ Damaged Goods Club & Leo
Friday, 14 July 2023: OAF Gallery, Gadigal Land/Sydney w/ LORA & GRXCE
Friday, 28 July 2023: Black Bear Lodge, Meanjin/Brisbane w/ LORA & Ebony Emili

Cut It Off by Hallie is out now
Stream/ Buy it HERE

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