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Liquid Death, one of the fastest growing US-based non-alcoholic beverage brands, has hit Australian shores. Launched with a multi-retail approach, Liquid Death Still Water, Liquid Death Sparkling Water, Liquid Death Severed Lime Sparkling Water and Liquid Death Mango Chainsaw Sparkling Water, is now available at all 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Founded by creative powerhouse Mike Cessario, Liquid Death is pushing boundaries of typical health-centric marketing prevalent in the water industry. The brand, which captures more than 7.9M followers across TikTok and Instagram, infuses a rebellious energy into Gen Z cultural scenes, captivating the internet with jaw-dropping collaborations like “e.l.f. x Liquid Death’s CORPSE PAINT kit” and the Tony Hawk x “Liquid Death blood-infused skateboard” (yes, it was Tony’s real blood).

Another collaboration that broke the internet is the Travis Barker x Liquid Death limited-edition “Enema of the State Collectables Kit”, featuring an enema bulb (yes, you read that right) signed by the Blink-182 drummer himself.

By ingeniously harnessing the humour often reserved for the beer and junk food industry, Liquid Death is breathing new, cool life into the world of healthy beverages with taglines “Murder Your Thirst” and “Death to Plastic”. It comes as no shock that Liquid Death has struck a chord with Gen Z’ by providing boundary pushing entertainment.

Andy Pearson, VP of Creative at Liquid Death says “At Liquid Death, we love to entertain and make people laugh, rather than just make more marketing. Because of that, we’re now one of the top three most followed beverage brands on social media worldwide. We get messages constantly asking when we’ll be available in new countries, and Australia is one of our biggest overseas fan bases that we get requests from. We’re thrilled to now be live in Australia and murdering thirst down under.”  

Product Information
Liquid Death Mountain Water 500ml RRP $5.90 AUD
Liquid Death Sparkling Water 500ml RRP $5.90 AUD
Liquid Death Mango Chainsaw 500ml RRP $6.49 AUD
Liquid Death Severed Lime 500ml RRP $6.49 AUD

Liquid Death’s water is sourced from a spring in the Austrian Alps and contains natural electrolytes to refresh your body and murder your thirst. The brand’s Sparkling Water is fine-tuned to have just the right amount of carbonation (it’s carbonated at the same level as beer), so it is softer than other sparkling waters.

Liquid Death‘s line of flavoured sparkling water is lightly sweetened with agave nectar for more flavour than typical flavoured sparkling water brands. The company’s flavoured sparkling water (Severed Lime and Mango Chainsaw) is available now.

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