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Ayesha Madon today continues to expand her musical chapter with latest single Blame Me.

Lyrically Ayesha finds herself at a crossroads on Blame Me, wondering whether to take the courageous leap from friends to something more. “You don’t give away much,” she considers, mulling over any vaguely reminiscent sign of reciprocal feelings. Where her earlier triple j playlisted Eulogy playfully morphed garage house with a diary entry of her deepest insecurities, the synth led Blame Me, likened to recent releases by Griff and Gracie Abrams, highlights the foot-in-mouth moments we find ourselves in when crushes hit hard and rationally gets thrown out of the window.

Of the new single, Ayesha shares “Blame Me is a song about the inconvenience of catching feelings for a friend and the messiness, guilt and inner turmoil that comes from that. It’s always seemed a little unfair that we don’t always get to choose who we feel things for, especially if we really, really don’t intend to. I wrote this song a couple of months back while I was in the studio with my amazing friend Gab (aka Japanese Wallpaper). I usually struggle to open up in sessions so most often write solo but Gab just has this beautifully calm and accepting energy and we wrote the bones of the song in just a couple hours.”

Performance in all its forms has always been intrinsic in Ayesha’s life, from adolescence learning drums and piano through to her breakout in Netflix’s recent Heartbreak High, which reached #5 in Netflix’s top TV shows globally. For the rising creative, music and songwriting has remained at the forefront of her creative output while she strives for humility in all aspects of her craft. Pushing past the character that’s brought her worldwide recognition, Ayesha strives to stay grounded in all aspects of her craft.

Madon’s earlier single Eulogy received praise across SBS’ The Feed and Spice radio program, Rolling Stone, Clash Music, NME, Wonderland, Frankie Magazine, rage and more commending Ayesha’s enduring candor. A deep consideration for authentic storytelling and grit continues to guide her work in perhaps music’s most synthetic genre. This refreshing feat is how Madon continues to captivate fans in every format she dabbles – an ability to consistently keep it real backed with a desire to build a career of integrity. As she enhances her musical repertoire, Ayesha Madon’s star power continues to gleam.


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