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Credit Photography: Sam Brumby, editing Giulia McGauran

Today Bec Sandridge shares her latest release, ‘The Jetty’ featuring Andy Bull, the second track lifted from the forthcoming Lost Dog EP. 

“‘The Jetty’ was written about falling off a Jetty in NaoshimaJapan. My ex-partner fell in and I attempted to pull her out. Hilariously, I also fell in (passports, phone, paper-money were all completely gone)… This felt like the perfect analogy for our relationship – losing ourselves and each-other, whilst trying to salvage every last water-damaged object that we had on us. I guess, this one asks the sea-sick question: ‘is there something (or someone) else out there?”

“Initially, Andy came into the studio to play synths on the track. I was beyond honored when he asked if he could sing on the track as well. I’ve been a big Andy Bull fan for a very long time and completely adore what he does vocally, lyrically and in particular, all of the synth sounds he uses. Dave (Jenkins Jr) had the genius idea that we make the track a Joni Mitchell-esque Snakes and Ladders duet whereby Andy kinda drops in and out of the second verse in a non-linear kinda of way – which I love. An old collaborator, Tony Buchen also did some additional production on the track, which was a nice full-circle moment…” Bec Sandridge

‘The Jetty’ follows on from ‘Cost Of Love’ released earlier this year the track showcases shuffling drums, hooky guitars reminiscent of the late 70s and of course Sandridge’s unmistakable voice. 

Cost Of Love is the first track to be shared from Bec Sandridge’s collection of new songs on her ‘Lost Dog’ EP; due out October 7th. Combining elements of pop and dance-synth hooks, the new EP highlights her love of bold soundscapes which transport listeners into an alternate state. As always, the songs are framed by her signature sound (and love) of sad songs that are danceable. 

“I was a bit of a lost dog, myself and I also lost my dog. This EP is a snapshot of that time. 
The goal was to take time and write my best songs to date… On my debut record, I felt that I hadn’t gone as far as I could in terms of angularity and the whole gloss-pop thing. I wanted to really sit in that pocket… To me, this lot of songs feels like driving into a sunset, no sunglasses, with an ache in the pit of your stomach (potentially a hangover): it’s sickeningly beautiful, temporarily blinding and also, signifying the end of a big ol’ chapter. 

I’m incredibly thrilled with how these songs have turned out and I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of my favourite people on these songs, people that have true insight into my sonic brain. Dave Jenkins Jr, Lucy Taylor, Andy Bull, Geoff Swan, Japanese Wallpaper, Rosie Fitzgerald, Dorny Mayes, Tony Buchen – such a dream team!” Bec Sandridge

2019 was a productive year for Sandridge, releasing her debut album ‘TRY + SAVE ME’ spawning the singles Animal, I’ll Never Want A BF, Eyes Wide and Stranger which scored second place in the International Songwriting Competition Unsigned Category judged by Tom Waits, Dua Lipa and Chris Martin. Last year Sandridge composed the soundtrack for theatre production ‘Ishmael’ which premiered at Brisbane Festival at QPAC and opens next month at the Sydney Opera House.

Following a headline East Coast tour in 2019 and various support slots for Naked and Famous, Yungblud, The Rubens, Cub Sport, Montaigne, plus performing at various festivals (Falls festival, Groovin’ The Moo, The Plot, Festival of The Sun), Bec Sandridge will be returning to the stage and commanding our attention in August. 

“Very excited to finally be taking these songs on the road with a new band! The calibre of musicians that I’m working with feels like such an honour! All of the new songs make me want to dance but they’ve also got that meaty, emotional edge to them which I can’t wait to hear in a live setting.” Bec Sandridge


With special guests: Montgomery and Huck Hastings

Friday, August 5 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne tickets
Thursday, August 11 – Mary’s Underground, Sydney tickets
Friday, August 12 – UC Hub, Canberra tickets
Thursday, August 25 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane  tickets

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