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Written with Carla Webhe and Robby De Sa, play the part unveils Bella’s candid vulnerability as she grapples with an unrequited love – sharing the all-too-common story of being friend-zoned by someone you’re infatuated with.

Pulling focus to bella’s diaristic lyricism and powerfully dynamic vocals, play the part is another example of the undeniable charm, honesty and talent that continuously draws fans nationwide into bella’s orbit.

bella amor says of the single: “‘play the part’ is about falling in love with your best friend but sticking to the role of only being a best friend and disregarding any feelings toward them. This song is what the little voices in my head would say when I’m with them, it’s really just me talking to me about the situation. I filmed the video with my friend Gabe and my band girlies. It was a fun day full of lollies and laughs. It’s always a pleasure when you’re surrounded by a great crew working with a great song. This has to be one of my favourites.”




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