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Today, New Zealand alternative pop star BENEE returns with a brand new single and music video entitled Green Honda via Republic Records.

Green Honda, which was featured on New Music Daily on Apple Music, is the first new song from BENEE leading up to a larger body of work due out later this year.

Heading to Los Angeles to work with MXM Music’s Elvira Anderfjard (Tove Lo, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift) and Luka Kloser (Jojo Siwa, Dylan Conrique), the New Zealand alt-pop queen tapped into the crazy new energy she found with these new collaborators.

BENEE spoke on creating Green Honda and the real-life Green Honda that she still owns: “It was such a refreshing experience to be in the studio writing with two other young women. There is so much that you just don’t need to explain when you’re working with your true peers. It’s intuitive. They just get it, and that’s amazing. Green Honda was quite a light-hearted song at first and some parts just flowed immediately.  I headed straight to Europe on tour after the writing session so I had to go back and forth with Elvira and Luka to get the production just right. I wanted the energy of the song to capture the idea I had of writing a song about knowing where you’re at and what you need to say and not being afraid. There is a personal history to the Green Honda story… my green Honda was my first car, passed on to me by my grandmother when she gave up driving. I call him ‘Steve’, and he’s on the cover of my ‘STELLA & STEVE’ EP. We’ve had lots of adventures together.” The song is the “I’m f***ing over you” song you didn’t know you needed and says everything you wish you had said to your ex. From the top, she declares, “You were a waste of f***ing time,” before doubling down with, “I pull up in my green Honda to tell ya that I don’t want ya!”

The accompanying video shot in Lancaster, CA and directed by Eliot Charof & AA, sees BENEE and her pals cavorting through a bubblegum electro junkyard world with cars, dogs, wild fashion and full-on attitude.

Next up, BENEE graces the stage of Coachella for the very first time this spring, appearing at the festival on 14th-16th April and 23rd-25th April.

Since her acclaimed 2022 ‘Lychee’ EP, BENEE has gathered tens of millions of streams across a series of fan favorite collaborations including Uh Oh with Sub Urban, OTT with easy life, I’m So Happy with Jeremy Zucker, fun out of it with Johnny Orlando, and, most recently, Lots of Nothing with Spacey Jane.



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