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Adelaide/Tarndanya-based bubblegum emo act, Killed By Cupid, brings a gobstopper with their debut EP ‘The Sickly Sweet’ dropping September 23.

Jesse Cumes’ new solo project–Killed By Cupid–stirs a concoction of hyperpop, pop-punk and 2000s alt-pop delivered as emotional candy. Sweet to the lips, but leaving a bitter taste, ‘The Sickly Sweet’ is reminiscent of the rawness of heart-break and the struggle of overcoming mental illness. Striking at the emerging new-wave emo scene, Killed By Cupid has already found stirred interest with their debut Magic and follow-up release Sugar, building anticipation ahead of ‘The Sickly Sweet’ EP. 

‘The Sickly Sweet’ is a self-explanatory excerpt from Cumes, exploring the ramifications of a finished relationship, the gripe with one’s mental health and the anguish derived from self-reflection and growth when journeying through life. Although playful at times, ‘The Sickly Sweet’ is Cumes’ exploration into their growth, values and inner-workings. Furthering their understanding into the innate attraction to opposites and rummaging for the tools necessary to work through their mental health.

The EP starts with debut track Magic, accenting the self-directed disgust of spiralling after a breakup. Mixing elements of cloud rap and pop-punk, Magic makes an instant nostalgic emo anthem by intertwining aspects of 2000s classics and trap.

Followed up by the boisterous banger, ToxicKilled By Cupid opens with a playful diss track before turning the target to their head.

Cotton Candy Boy Toy redirects the focus of the EP back towards understanding motivations for relationships, exploring the intrinsic attraction to opposites and how this can coax fatal flaws. 

Lead single, Sugar feat. Jack Cumes, delves into the process of freeing yourself from relationships that are detrimental to your mental health–searching for strategies for confidence in independence.

Closing ‘The Sickly Sweet’ is Forget It and GO2BED. Harnessing 808 bass lines, electro-pop synths and angelically autotuned melodies to portray the post-relationship depression, these two tracks wrap the release up in a vacuum sealed candy wrapper stamped with growth and newfound grit.

From top to bottom, ‘The Sickly Sweet’ presents the process of development across the challenging process of self-reflection and growth. Cumes provides insight: “The Sickly Sweet EP is about a breakup I went through and the spiral of self-destructive tendencies and poor coping mechanisms that followed. The EP covers the highs and lows of mental illness and heartbreak while attempting to move on from toxic relationships.”

Killed By Cupid has surfaced quickly with community radio play from Radio Adelaide, 4ZZZ, Southern FM and 5ZZZ as well as notable media outlets Hysteria Mag, New Noise Mag and HEAVY Mag

Killed By Cupid’s killer EP, ‘The Sickly Sweet’ drops on September 23. Don’t forget to bring bubblegum, beer and bangles to their launch on November 25 at Adelaide’s Enigma Bar.

‘The Sickly Sweet’ EP IS OUT NOW

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