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Hailing from Newcastle / Awabakal, alternative-pop fem four-piece band Butterknife have released their debut EP, ‘Lilith’. Butterknife is known for capturing the essence of dreamy indie rock infused with classic bedroom pop, although that’s just the base line of their ever-expanding soundscape.

At its core, ‘Lilith’ is a collection of dark emotion and self-indulgent tendencies. Throughout the length of the EP, the consistent theme of narcissism is ever present, exploring the shadowed corners of oneself that are often suppressed or denied any spotlight. ‘Lilith’ is a powerful narrative that is about embracing one’s carnal moments and an anthem to living life without restraint. 

The lead track, Mother Nature, is a fierce and energetic alternative-pop track with a heavy focus on pulsating synth layers and a bold bassline that begs to be danced to in a dark room with low lights. Mother Nature is the fourth single off of their anticipated EP, showcasing a much more elevated and dark soundscape in comparison to the previously released Misty and Dazed.

Butterknife’s achievements in the music scene speaks volumes about their talent and dedication. Butterknife has supported a handful of well-known acts in their time, including Ra Ra Viper, Dune Rats, Teenage Dads and Slowly Slowly across their regional tour. Butterknife was also hand-picked to play as a local support band at Groovin’ The Moo, have played at Rolling Sets 2023 and will be taking over the stage at Gumball Festival in April 2024. 

Butterknife’s debut single alone saw an accumulation of over 1.8 million streams on Spotify, totalling at over 2.1 million streams across all their songs. Their previously released track, Dazed, saw an influx of positive reviews, including from the likes of Claire Mooney, Stacy Gougoulis and Abby Butler from Triple J– their favorite review being, “Pure magic! Enchanting, psych-tinged indie pop with the right amount of sweetness and darkness around the edges. I loveeeee this!”

‘Lilith’ sees Butterknife venturing into rotten themes and darker instrumentals, differing far from their previous releases. From the gloomy, sweltering synths of Devilman all the way to the rage-filled vocals of God Complex, Butterknife are excited by the prospect of showcasing a different, more intense side of themselves.

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