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Catching Salmon, the hard-hitting alternate punk sensation from the Sunshine Coast, have released their latest single, Pitted. The band invites fans to dive into their coastal roots and experience the nostalgic vibe of growing up with mates and making music by the sea.

Pitted is a melodic punk tune capturing the essence of coastal living and camaraderie. Originating from a surf rock riff written by Riley, the song evolved into a musical journey that resonates with the band’s memories of beach days, jam sessions, and the unique spirit of their hometown. The lyrics reflect the joy of carefree moments with friends, taking a dip in the ocean, and laughing through the ups and downs.

“This song is about remembering the good times growing up and playing music on the coast and the bond we share as a band for our love for where we come from,” says Daniel Salmon, lead vocalist.

Mixed and mastered by Angus Woodhead, Pitted promises a sonic experience that blends hard-hitting riffs with soaring melodies. The track is a testament to Catching Salmon‘s ability to deliver skull-trashing sounds while infusing heartfelt connections and mateship into their music.

Known for their straight-up, balls-to-the-wall approach, Catching Salmon draws influences from legendary acts such as Foo Fighters, Van Halen, Frenzal Rhomb, and Melodyssey. Behind the rough exterior lies a collection of beautiful riffs, creating a dynamic blend that resonates with listeners long after the music stops. 


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