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Off the back of a national tour supporting Luca Brasi, which included a delightful guest appearance on triple j’s Like-A-Version, Naarm/Melbourne jangle rock connoisseur Eaglemont is today delivering the first delicious gulp of her upcoming debut album – new single Vodka Pineapple.

Her first release since 2019’s Heteronormative Nightmare, Vodka Pineapple finds Eaglemont brainchild Bridg Jessop in her element, turning a brutal reality check into upbeat indie rock that glimmers with pop-inspired production and an earworm chorus.

“Vodka Pineapple’ is inspired by a painful realisation I had where I was the protagonist in the downfall of my relationships and it was all my fault… and then somehow we turned it into a pop song,” Bridg explains. “In line with the thread that runs through the entire record it’s a glorified diary entry that recounts events, often with haunting hindsight. Not that you should use creating art as therapy singularly (you should probably just go to therapy).”

Produced by Jonathon Tooke (Cry Club) and mixed by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy)Vodka Pineapple guides a range of influences into Eaglemont’s world, infusing them with blood-pumping percussion, gut wrenching guitars and introspective lyricism delivered in Bridg’s signature baritone husk.

“I had been listening to a lot of Alvvays, Japanese House and Phoebe Bridgers and I was tentative to attempt to force a stylistic choice on the production. Luckily enough Jono is a genius and somehow we transformed some sad and gay guitar based songs into what they are today (which is still sad and gay tbh.)”

Although rooted in critical self-analysis, Vodka Pineapple offers Eaglemont an opportunity for forgiveness and healing through sincere soundscapes and compelling lyrics. Once again, Eaglemont effortlessly cuts through pretenses, resonating profoundly with audiences who are already eager to get their ears on her upcoming album.


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