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Meanjin/Brisbane-based alternative-metal artist Machine On A Break has just unveiled her mesmerising new single Honestly – produced and engineered by Jacob Wilkes.

Honestly opens with sombre piano, eerie soundscapes and seamless backing vocals that compliment Machine On A Break‘s rich melodic delivery. The verse percolates with intricacies, bursting to life through a full-throttle chorus, fuelled by bludgeoning drums and growling guitars. The jagged and gristly bridge morphs momentarily into glitchy static samples, before blooming into a brutal finale that encapsulates a myriad of expressive power.

Machine On A Break talks about the inspiration behind Honestly: “Honestly is about finding out your partner holds wildly different political views to yourself, those which you consider to be harmful. I think differences of opinion are important for us to grow as people, but being closed minded about topics that have the ability to be harmful to others is where I take issue. I was so genuinely blindsided by his opinions when he first told me because he seemed like such an open minded person and politics had just never come up in our earlier conversations. I’ve learned my lesson and I always ask early on when I’m getting to know someone now.”

Accompanying the song is the enthralling music video directed and edited by Luke Agius. The video features Machine On A Break and another party playing chess, where the variety of smooth and abrupt close up shots emphasises the intensity and anticipation. Machine On A Break explains, “The storyline is a fight playing out via a game of chess after my partner reveals he has a different political view by the addition of a blue tie to his outfit while we are out together. I am wearing red to symbolise an opposing political view.”

Machine On A Break was recently announced as a grand finalist in the ‘Listen Up Songwriting Prize‘ for her 2022 single Magic Pill. Previous releases have been widely embraced by triple j Unearthed, AAA Backstage, Hysteria Mag, Be Groovy or Leave and Australian community radio.

Machine On A Break is quickly showing her capability to blend influences across multiple genres, capturing the true essence of her songwriting subjects, taking cues from luminaires Stand AtlanticTigress and Paramore.


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